🇬🇱 Increasing Greenlandic Access to U.S. Markets

October 23, 2023

Press release from Sulisitsisut – Grønlands Erhverv – Greenland Business Association

As the Greenlandic economy continues to grow and evolve, opportunities are emerging for stronger economic ties between Greenlandic and American businesses. The U.S. is geographically proximate and represents a large potential market for Greenlandic exporters while also presenting diversification options for imports to Greenland. Further, as global demand for sustainable, single-origin products continues to grow, Greenlandic products are often well suited to satisfy these niche markets.

The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) is focused on promoting sustainable economic growth in Greenland through the Enterprise Driven Growth Initiative (EDGI). The project’s objective is to engage Greenlandic and U.S. businesses to reduce barriers to trade, solve for tactical problems facing importers/exporters in Greenland, and build cross-border commercial networks.

To accomplish this task, the EDGI team is looking to provide technical assistance to Greenlandic businesses that are interested in doing more business with companies in the U.S. market, whether for import or export. EDGI’s technical assistance to Greenlandic businesses can include:
– Market Research to identify potential suppliers, customers, or distributors; identification of specialized food/beverage importers; mapping demand for specific Greenlandic products.
– Network Development Support to build partnerships and make connections between U.S.
and Greenlandic businesses.
– Provide Advice and Information on U.S. import regulations and logistics. The EDGI team intends to work one-on-one with Greenlandic businesses over the next 12 months to
co-develop partnership agreements (PAs) and identify specific gaps and growth targets. Companies that are interested in working with EDGI should review the eligibility criteria listed below and reach out to [email protected] to learn more. If ready to apply, feel free to submit an application here. EDGI anticipates providing up to 40.000 DKK worth of in-kind support services per company, with the final amount and services to be determined in collaboration with selected companies based on anticipated needs and company’s ability and interest to co-invest.

Eligibility Requirements
To receive support from the EDGI team, a company must have:
– A registered company with a CVR number.
– Demonstrated maturity and interest in growing import/export profile.
– Ability to articulate a clear market opportunity to be pursued in relation to U.S. businesses.
– Ability to articulate support services the company will need to pursue the market opportunity.
– Ability to commit staff time, financial resources, or in-kind support to carry out activities.

Originally published on 20 October.