🇫🇮 Technology 23 and Dolly’s successful debut

November 17, 2023
A white mobile robot can be seen in the foreground. Behind it, a man and a woman are talking to each other. In the background, a screen and a pink wall.
Roosa Hyvärinen and Matti Tikanmäki presenting Dolly™ at Technology 23. Photo source: Technology 23.

The mobile robot Dolly™ made its debut at Technology 23 in early November. The launch generated enthusiasm and further confirmed the importance of mobile robotics in the industry of the future.

Last week, the Probot team travelled to the Teknologia 23 fair, which took place at the Helsinki Exhibition Centre from 7 to 9 November. The event attracted almost 400 exhibitors and offered a varied programme over three days on five different stages. We were looking forward to the fair with excitement and anticipation all autumn, as it was also the launch event for our own innovation, the mobile robot Dolly™.

For our part, the event was a great success. Dolly™ was very well received and we were able to network with some wonderful new people. Of course, it was also nice to see familiar faces. We were able to share our views and visions of robotics and future technologies with the large crowd at the fair.

Our exhibition stand was crowded every day of the event.

Dolly™ mobile robot – The next generation of robotics

Technology 23 was a unique event for Probot, as we launched our first mobile robot. Dolly™, the result of our long-term product development work, was launched at our stand on the morning of the opening day of the fair. The event started with Dolly™ being unveiled from under its pink cover, and a short speech by our CEO Matti Tikanmäki. The group then watched the premiere of the Dolly™ video. Although we are very proud of our Dolly™, the hype it received at the fair was a bit surprising.

– Several visitors gasped in amazement that something this great was being made in Finland! They were even more surprised to hear that Dolly™ is manufactured in Oulu, in our own premises, says our Sales Manager Maria Ruottinen.

Our CEO Matti Tikanmäki was particularly impressed by the comments of the visitors, who admired Dolly’s high-quality finish and handy size.

– One customer even wondered how Dolly™ can handle large loads despite its compact size.

Our robot expert Kari Anunti was busy demonstrating Dolly™ throughout the three-day event and delighted the participants by driving Dolly™ around the Messukeskus every now and then.

– People often asked me if they could test drive the Dolly™ or sit on it. I was also asked for a ride on the cloakroom once or twice, Kari laughs.

– In addition, a customer suggested a new application. He thought that this could be used to develop a bar taxi to take home. In principle, anything is possible, as long as the price is agreed, Kari says.

Etualalla valkoinen mobiilirobotti pöydällä ja nippu esitteitä telineessä. Robotin takana seisoo kaksi hymyilee miestä.
Matti and Antti Tikanmäki are proud of Dolly’s successful launch.

Dolly™ also adventures in video

In addition to the premiere, you could watch a Dolly™ video at our stand throughout the event. The video was produced by our long-term partner Huuru Media. The video was praised for its freshness and storytelling.

– The video received very positive feedback at the fair and for that we thank the Huuru team. The end result was next level! What else can you expect when you combine diamond professionalism, a great team and seamless cooperation, say Roosa Hyvärinen and Minna Haarala, who work in marketing at Probot.

– Ewona Oy also deserves thanks, where we were able to visit Dolly™ to film, as well as to our sound maestro Jani Laihiainen and the charming Sanni Inget, who appears in the video.

Psst! If you haven’t seen the Dolly™ video yet, you can watch it on Dolly’s own page.

“Every robot dives at least once”

Our CEO Matti Tikanmäki was asked to talk about mobile robotics as part of future industrial solutions. Matti’s talk was heard on Thursday 9 November at the Robotic Stage and was part of the Robots on Wheels theme series organised by The Robotics Society in Finland.

At the beginning of his talk, Matti summed up Probot’s mission nicely.

– We have formed a vibrant team of 20 experts in Oulu. We implement a wide range of robotics and automation, from packing fish to various electronics test robot cells and everything in between. We have been working in mobile robotics for almost 20 years.

– In addition to developing robots, we have a very strong partnership with KUKA Robotics and we are also an OMRON Certified Partner and the European distributor for Unitree Robotics. So we lean towards the big global players, but we also work a lot with smaller specialist companies. Cajo Technologies, a pioneer in laser marking, is also an important partner.

Matti also opened up the term mobile robotics in a clear way:

– In simple terms, mobile robotics refers specifically to the part of robotics and automation that offers mobility to automation. This means that the robot is not bolted to anything, but the automation is taken exactly where it is needed at any given time. Mobile robots move autonomously or under control and can operate in a wide variety of environments.

Mobile robots moving on land, such as Dolly™, are most commonly on wheels for their ease of movement. If better off-road capabilities are needed, caterpillar tracks or even legs can be used, as has been done for robotic dogs. Of the terrestrial devices, the most suitable environments for legged robots are various types of uneven and difficult terrain, and outdoor spaces in general.

Matti pointed out that in addition to land-based devices, mobile robotics also includes all flying, swimming and diving devices.

– Of course, every robot dives at least once, but there are robots that can still operate after diving, Matti jokes.

Etualalla pinkki kahvimuki pöydällä. Mukissa lukee Probot. Taustalla messuosasto, ihmisiä ja valkoinen mobiilirobotti.
Visitors to our stand were delighted with coffee and probiotics.

Together towards a more intelligent industry

We would like to thank all our customers, partners and event organisers who participated in Technology 23. A warm thank you also to The Robotics Society in Finland for the opportunity to highlight the role of mobile robotics in the industry of the future. The development work on Dolly™ is another example of our commitment to the future of technology. We will continue to work towards a more intelligent and sustainable tomorrow.

So we will not rest on our laurels after Technology 23. Probot’s calendar has started to fill up with a wide range of events, the next of which is the latest construction and worksite robotics event in Oulu, at the UNO Student Tower building on 29-30 November 2023.

– We are participating in the event organised by Centria University of Applied Sciences and the University of Oulu in the framework of the REBO project, where our partners include Rakennusliike Lapti Oy, Hilti (Suomi) Oy, Karelics Oy, Baumotor and the Student Housing Foundation of Northern Finland sr. The event will demonstrate various construction robots and robot applications in on-site conditions. We will be taking our sturdy robot dog Mestari to the event, Maria Ruottinen says.

– At the event, you will have the chance to see how robots can be used in hands-on construction. The aim is to improve the knowledge and awareness of construction robotics among construction students, professionals and other interested parties. All those interested are welcome to attend!

You can find the event poster at the bottom of this page.

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