🇫🇮 Arctic EWS now available on Microsoft Azure Marketplace

May 8, 2024

Arctic Security

Securing corporate networks against a myriad of threats is more critical than ever. However, the challenge often lies not just in selecting the right cybersecurity solution but also in integrating it seamlessly into existing procurement methods. We’re excited to announce that Arctic EWS, a leading early warning service, is now available directly through the Microsoft Azure Marketplace, offering companies a streamlined approach to enhancing their cybersecurity measures using familiar and approved procurement methods.

Why Choose Arctic EWS from the Azure Marketplace?

Arctic EWS stands at the forefront of cybersecurity early warnings, providing timely alerts that help companies preemptively address potential threats before they escalate. Arctic EWS enables businesses to maintain a strong security posture by identifying and mitigating publicly visible threats related to vulnerable services, suspected compromise, public exposure and leaked data.

Integration with Azure ensures that subscribing to Arctic EWS aligns with existing IT ecosystems, simplifying deployment and management. Companies can leverage Arctic EWS’s threat detection tools without the need for complex integration processes, allowing IT teams to focus on strategic security tasks rather than administrative burdens.

Streamlining Procurement with Microsoft Azure

One of the greatest advantages of subscribing to Arctic EWS through the Microsoft Azure Marketplace is its compatibility with corporate procurement strategies. Azure’s marketplace supports organizations’ existing purchasing policies and provides a familiar, secure platform for acquiring software solutions. This integration speeds up the acquisition process and adheres to corporate governance and compliance standards.

To subscribe to Arctic EWS, companies simply need to access the Azure Marketplace, select Arctic EWS from the marketplace, and choose the appropriate subscription plan. The process is designed for ease, with detailed guidance available at every step to ensure that companies can quickly set up and benefit from comprehensive monitoring and early threat detection.

With Arctic EWS now accessible through the Microsoft Azure Marketplace, enhancing your company’s cybersecurity infrastructure has never been easier or more reliable. By leveraging Azure’s robust platform, organizations can deploy Arctic EWS swiftly, ensuring they are always one step ahead of potential cyber threats.

Originally published on 7 May by Arctic Security.

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