🇺🇸 US Ambassador Douglas Hickey visited Oulu with embassy’s commercial delegation

By Misha Radkevitch - April 14, 2023

By ICTOulu

US Ambassador to Finland, Mr. Douglas Hickey, along with a commercial delegation from the embassy, visited the city of Oulu on March 21st and commercial delegation representatives were in Oulu also on March 20th. The visit was hosted by BusinessOulu, and as you can imagine, we packed the agendas of these days with cutting edge technology developing companies that are motivated to develop their businesses in US, but we also found some space to introduce the Ambassador with our central capabilities and assets from academia and other perspectives.

During the visit, Ambassador Hickey and the commercial delegation met with local business leaders and representatives from the technology, innovation, and startup sectors. The purpose of the visit was to explore opportunities for trade and investment between the United States and Oulu, which is known for its expertise in technology and innovation.

“We are very excited to be here in Oulu and to have the opportunity to meet with local business leaders and entrepreneurs,” said Ambassador Hickey. “There is a great deal of potential for increased cooperation and partnership between the United States and Oulu in areas such as technology and innovation.”

The visit included a tour of the Nokia’s OTAVA laboratory, a hub for technology and innovation revolving around radio frequency technologies.

Head of Technology Center Oulu, Mr. Jarkko Pyykkönen introduces H.E. Mr. Douglas Hickey and Senior Commercial Officer Mrs. Terri Tyminski the laboratory’s capabilities

H.E. Douglas Hickey in one of the most advanced test chambers in OTAVA laboratory with Jarkko Pyykkönen and E2E System Integration Tribe Lead Mr. Mikko Laamanen

Ambassador Hickey and the commercial delegation also participated in a roundtable discussion with local entrepreneurs and innovators, where they discussed opportunities for collaboration and investment among other topical themes.

H.E. Douglas Hickey and Mrs. Terri Tyminski learn about tactical radios of Bittium from company’s CEO Mr. Hannu Huttunen

University of Oulu’s rector Mr. Jouko Niinimäki introduces the University to the delegation

6G Flagship’s director Mr. Matti Latva-Aho lays vision for the future of connectivity

BusinessOulu’s Key Account Director Jussi Leponiemi comments on the potential outcomes of the visit: “I was pleasantly surprised by the ambassador’s optimistic outlook on the potential for developing business relations and attracting more US-based investors to Oulu-based businesses.”

H.E. Mr. Hickey tries the Varjo headset. Postdoctoral Researcher Mr. Evan Center introduces H.E. with the functionalities of the system.

The visit by Ambassador Hickey and the embassy’s commercial delegation to Oulu highlights the growing economic ties between the United States and Finland, and the potential for increased collaboration and partnership in the technology and innovation sectors.

H.E. Mr. Hickey gets an introduction to the capabilities of Nuvelab from University of Applied Sciences rector Mrs. Heidi Fagerholm and Head of development Mr. Jukka Säkkinen

We, at BusinessOulu, are currently developing numerous activities and initiatives to facilitate the growth of our local ICT companies and help them expand into the US markets. If you are interested in going across the Atlantic, please do contact us and we’ll elaborate our initiatives and try to help your business.

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