🇺🇸 BSF Receives $25,000 Donation from the Thomas and Cindy Massie Foundation

Press release from the Bering Straits Native Corporation

By Arctic Business Journal - December 18, 2023

BSNC extends its heartfelt gratitude to the Thomas and Cindy Massie Foundation for its generous donation of $25,000 to the Bering Straits Foundation (BSF). This significant contribution from the Massie Foundation plays a vital role in supporting scholarships for BSNC shareholders and descendants who are pursuing their educational and vocational goals.

“Cindy and Tom’s generosity and commitment to the advancement of BSNC’s shareholders and descendants is truly admirable,” said Vice President of Shareholder Development Lucille Sands. “We sincerely appreciate their dedication to the advancement of Our People. Quyaanaq!”

For many years, the Massie Foundation has generously supported many Alaska nonprofits and organizations. In 2018, Cindy and Tom were awarded the Alaska Federation of Natives Small Business Award for their generous philanthropic efforts advancing causes in Alaska.

BSF is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that helps support the Beringia Settlement Trust (BST) scholarship program and provides opportunities and benefits for BSNC original shareholders and descendants in support of their educational and vocational activities. Between 400-500 awards totaling near $750,000 are processed annually. Since 1991, BSNC has provided more than $5.7 million in funding to support the post-secondary educational goals of BSNC shareholders and descendants.

Originally published on 15 December by the Bering Straits Native Corporation.

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