🇺🇸 As Tech Deployment Track Companies Make Progress, Alaska Projects Take Shape

Press release from Launch Alaska

By Arctic Business Journal - December 4, 2023
As Tech Deployment Track Companies Make Progress, Alaska Projects Take Shape

While the rest of the world might be preparing to slow down for the holidays, the 15 companies still in the Launch Alaska Tech Deployment Track cohort are doing the opposite – working hard to find climate tech project opportunities in Alaska.

Since the cohort met in Anchorage in September, companies have been diligently tracking down all the leads provided to them by our volunteer group of expert advisors. The companies have been emailing, calling, and hosting dozens of one-on-one meetings with potential partners, all trying to figure out if their technology has what it takes to work here in Alaska.

So far, things are looking bright – of the companies still with us, 15 have projects that appear to be coming together. While we can’t say much – it’s still too early for many companies to publicly share more  – it’s been exciting to see enthusiasm around climate tech from utilities, local governments, and private organizations that know the value of this technology. Whether it’s considering pilot projects or full-scale implementation, it’s encouraging to know that climate tech is both wanted and needed in Alaska.

Now all of the companies are shifting from working externally with advisors to working internally with Launch Alaska’s deployment team. This team will guide them through mapping out each project to help them identify project gaps early and create a strategy on how to best execute their product or service in Alaska.

Companies now have four months to see what they can make happen before they are evaluated one last time in March for consideration into the Launch Alaska Portfolio, where our team will continue to support them in gaining a strong footprint in Alaska. Previous Tech Deployment Track cohort members have gone on to help build cost-saving microgrids for rural communities, sanitation solutions for Arctic climates, and more.

If their progress so far is any indication, our current cohort is poised to continue the positive impact.

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Originally published on 1 December by Launch Alaska.

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