🇺🇸 ACEP: A new study explores interconnection of islanded power systems

By Elías Thorsson - September 25, 2023

Press release from ACEP

A solar farm in Shungnak, Alaska
Photo by Michelle Wilber/ACEP A person takes data from a solar farm in Shungnak, Alaska.

Islanded power systems — local power grids that are not connected to a wider electric power system — generally cost more to maintain and are less stable compared to larger interconnected grids. The interconnection of islanded power systems can provide numerous advantages.

ACEP’s Power Systems Integration team and their partners studied techno-economic modeling of the interconnection of two remote communities in Alaska to explore the feasibility and the economic advantages of an electrical intertie as well as technical challenges.

This study, entitled “Evaluation of MVDC Electrical Interties Connecting Remote Communities: an Alaska Case Study” has been published here. This report is also available at no cost from ACEP.

For more information about this work, contact Mariko Shirazi at [email protected].

Originally published on 22 September.