🇸🇪 The expansion of the new Port of Luleå begins

August 3, 2023

Press release from Port of Luleå

With approval from the Swedish Transport Agency in place, the Port of Luleå can now advance and procure external partners who are willing to participate in financing, building, and operating various parts of the new port. The goal is to finalize the procurement by the end of the year.

– Now we can take the next important step. The goal is to procure a reliable external partner who is both willing and capable of contributing to realizing and operating the new port in Luleå. To fulfill the growing demands associated with the green transition in the northern region, the new port needs to increase its cargo handling capacity by three to four times within the next ten years, says Anders Dahl CEO at the Port of Luleå.

The Swedish Transport Agency has now given approval for the Port of Luleå to proceed with the procurement of a solution for the port’s expansion and future operations. This will offer one or several external parties the opportunity to participate in financing, building, and operating parts of the port.

As part of the upcoming agreement, a designated future port operator will take on the responsibility of managing a significant part of the port’s operations for a specified duration. This will involve crucial tasks such as ship loading and unloading, logistics management, warehousing, and facilitating the flow of goods on behalf of Luleå Port. Once the agreement period ends, operational control will return to the port.

The procurement is planned to be released during the summer, and the procurement process is expected to continue until the end of the year.

Originally published on 2 August.