🇸🇪 NYAB begins work for Talga at Europe’s first commercial battery anode refinery

September 14, 2023

Press release from NYAB


NYAB begins the earthworks at Talgas’ new battery anode refinery located in Luleå Industrial Park. The facility will be powered by renewable electricity and is part of Talgas’ investment in climate-smart battery anodes, using natural graphite from the Vittangi mine in Kiruna municipality. Preparations for the construction of the refinery will start with this agreement and will begin in September.

The green industrial transition continues in northern Sweden

Northern Sweden is experiencing a significant investment boom and only in Luleå there are plans for 100 billions of kronors. Luleå Industrial Park is a hub for green transition, where cluster of heavy industrial companies such as Talga invest.

Talga AB develops green graphite battery anode products, technology and advanced materials. Talga is now establishing its first commercial facility in Luleå, where the planned annual production of battery anode material will be sufficient for approximately 200,000 new electric cars each year.

“We are very pleased that with this agreement with NYAB we are able to start our significant investment in Luleå. Facilities like this are crucial to the transition to a more sustainable future. By using natural graphite from Vittangi, green energy and proprietary process technology, we can reduce carbon dioxide emissions from the production of battery anodes by as much as 92%”, says Peder Enoksson, Project Director at Talga.

NYAB’s works include necessary earthworks. Excavation, filling, pipe laying and soil coatings for civil engineering installations and buildings within the property. Work will begin immediately. The signed contract includes an option for additional land and infrastructure-related works, which is intended to be started no later than spring 2024. The parties have agreed not to disclose the contract value.

“NYAB is founded in Luleå and has a deep understanding of, and close connection to, the regions where we operate. To now be established with another important project in Luleå Industrial Park puts us in a good position to capture future business opportunities. We want to continue to contribute to the green and industrial transition. We are proud of the trust Talga shows us”, says Magnus Granljung, Managing Director of NYAB Sverige AB.

Further information

Magnus Granljung
MD, NYAB Sweden
Phone: +46 70 293 90 95

NYAB is building a clean future with decades of experience from complex and challenging projects. We enable the green transition in the Nordic region by offering engineering, construction and maintenance services in renewable energy and sustainable infrastructure to customers in the public and private sectors. NYAB is headquartered in Oulu and has over 400 employees in Finland and Sweden.

Originally published on 11 September.