🇸🇪 New head of subject of Cyber Security

December 7, 2023
Ny ämnesföreträdare Karl Andersson cybersäkerhet
Karl Andersson is the new Head of Subject for the newly established research area Cyber Security.

We are proud to present Karl Andersson as the new Head of Subject for the newly established research area Cyber security.

How does it feel to become Head of Subject for Cyber security?
– I am very grateful for the trust to lead Luleå University of Technology’s efforts in cyber security and establish an entirely new research subject. The opportunities are significant, but I am also humble in the face of this task.

Why is cyber security important?
– The digitalization in both the private sphere and in work-life and society at large has created enormous opportunities for improved communication and information sharing. At the same time, vulnerability increases as more systems become critical to operations. This is where the security aspects come in, where we increasingly need to consider resilience and resistance to cyber threats as systems evolve.

What is your vision for the subject?
– The vision for Luleå University of Technology’s activities in cybersecurity is that we swiftly become a powerful and relevant hub for knowledge and competence development for students and collaborative partners within industry, public sector, and civil society.

How cyber security-conscious are you yourself?
– As a longtime reserve officer in the signal corps, I’ve had this mindset since my time in the military. However, the conditions are constantly changing, so naturally, I need to reassess my own security measures.

– This is great news for us, Niklas Lehto, Head of Department of Computer Science, Electrical and Space Engineering, says.

– I am convinced that Karl will strengthen both the research within this highly topical subject as well as position us in the national endeavour for cyber security.

Originally published on 29 November by LTU.

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