🇸🇪 New company in Boden invests in sports club

September 1, 2023

Press release from Bodenxt

Boden has welcomed a new company that prioritizes sustainability and thinks differently to benefit the community associations. On Friday, they hosted the business breakfast and issued a call to action to the municipality’s entrepreneurs.

Bright EQ is a company that sells, among other things, clothing for outdoor activities. They have recently moved part of their operations to Boden. One of the first efforts was to start a cooperation with BBK Handboll.

– We have been well received in Boden and feel that we want to be a part of Boden municipality, which is why we approached BBK Handball, which we see as a stable association involved in broad-based activities. We like that,” says Kristoffer Wennström, partner and sales manager at Bright EQ.

The company will partially sponsor the club during the season, but the big part of the collaboration is about combining business with social benefit. That’s why they issued an appeal on Friday.

– All companies and individuals who want to buy clothes from us should do so via BBK Handball. If they do, a portion of the sales goes directly to the association.

800 tons of plastic waste

Part of the revenue also goes to another activity. Namely, the organization CleanSea, which clears plastic waste along the Swedish west coast. For each kilo sold by the company, the organization receives a subsidy equivalent to one kilo of plastic waste.

– Every year, 800 tons of plastic waste is washed up along the west coast. This year it looks like we are contributing to the removal of 15-20 tons and next year we hope for 20-30 tons. It has a significant impact on our margins, but it feels important that we do what we can to compensate for the impact of our operations on the climate,” he adds:

– CleanSea is also a serious organization, with thorough documentation and won the Änglamark award in 2022. It is also important that we know that it really makes a difference.

The breakfast host says that they are not a role model, but that they try to put sustainability at the heart of their work. Kristoffer Wennström also says that they hope that other companies can take some inspiration from their example to further develop associations or make sustainable efforts.

– There are certainly plenty of examples where business in the company can be combined with social benefit. We believe this is the right path and hope that others will follow it,” he says.

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Originally published on 1 September.