🇸🇪 Mats Jakobsson appointed new CEO of Mobilaris

Press release from Mobilaris Evolve

December 6, 2023

The board of Mobilaris has appointed Mats Jakobsson as the new CEO of Mobilaris group and Mobilaris Industrial Solutions. Prior to joining Mobilaris he has held the role as CEO of SSG Standard Solutions Group, where he has led the company’s impressive growth journey since 2016. Mats Jakobsson succeeds Mikael Nyström, who, after many years as successful CEO of Mobilaris, will continue within the company as Senior Advisor.

Mats Jakobsson has extensive experience in leading roles within industrial companies such as SCA, Akzo Nobel, and Mondi. With a strong customer and business focus, he has led SSG through a successful growth journey, during which the revenue doubled, along with increased innovation capacity and the development of new digital services. SSG is well-established within various industrial sectors and works to make the Swedish industry more productive, safe, and sustainable through the development of new standards and services. Upon taking the role as CEO of Mobilaris, Mats is moving to Luleå after 27 years in Sundsvall. He was born in Umeå and holds a master’s degree in chemical engineering.

“I am very pleased to welcome Mats Jakobsson as the new CEO of Mobilaris. Mats is an experienced leader with a strong customer focus and a solid track record of developing organizations and driving growth in a digital service company. With his long industrial experience, he has a deep understanding of the industry’s needs, along with a unique network that will be valuable in his work to drive Mobilaris’ growth journey to the next phase,” says Lars-Eric Aaro, Chairman of the Board of Mobilaris AB.

Mats Jakobsson takes on the role of CEO December 4th. His primary focus will be to lead Mobilaris Industrial Solutions into the next phase, where the product offering, developed and validated over the past year with several major industrial customers, will be scaled up to create customer value on a larger market. At Mobilaris group level, the focus will be organic growth, identifying synergies with the portfolio companies, and future mergers and acquisitions within Indtech.

“I look forward to leading Mobilaris’ continued journey and contributing to improving industrial efficiency, safety, and sustainability through digital solutions. Mobilaris has a strong brand, and I see tremendous potential in the company, recognized for its innovative ability to solve real industry challenges through leading technology. I’m also happy to move to Luleå; it’s a perfect place to live and contribute to the green industrial transition,” says Mats Jakobsson.

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Lars-Eric Aaro, Chairman of the Board, Mobilaris AB
Phone: +46 70 656 00 66
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Originally published on 5 December by Mobilaris Evolve.

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