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Press release from Luleå Technical University

November 9, 2023
Johan Casselgren and Adam Gustafsson each received the award, Innovator of the year 2023.

The award as student innovator of the year at Luleå University of Technology goes to Adam Gustafsson, who created the digital app concept Prosa. Innovator of the year – employee goes to assistant professor Johan Casselgren for an innovation with the potential to become an important piece of the puzzle for the green transition.

Through the Innovator of the Year award, Luleå University of Technology wants to recognize students and researchers at Luleå University of Technology who have taken an idea further to benefit the surrounding society. The prize is selected by a jury that includes representatives from the university’s innovation support system and is awarded by Nordea’s Norrlandsstiftelse.

“It’s about creative, innovative and entrepreneurial people who have taken a concept from idea to application, developed a new service, product or process, or alternatively contributed to solving important societal challenges”, says project manager Anna Marklund at the Collaboration and Innovation Office at Luleå University of Technology.

The student prize 2023 goes to Adam Gustafsson

“Being named innovator of the year at Luleå University of Technology feels fantastically fun and honouring, while at the same time it is hard to digest as a significant part of a transformative autumn”, says Adam Gustafsson, who studies digital service development remotely at Luleå University of Technology.

Innovator of the year – employee, 2023 goes to Johan Casselgren, Associate Professor of experimental mechanics at Luleå University of Technology, receives the research prize for an innovation that will solve wind turbines’ major problem with ice formation.

“It’s great fun to be noticed. I have worked at Luleå University of Technology for 18 years more or less, and to be praised for the work you do after that time is proof that you are still contributing. Sometimes it’s good to stop and think about what you’re accomplishing and realize that it’s actually quite a bit. It is very honorable that several people have thought of me and nominated me for this award”, says Johan Casselgren

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Originally published on 7 November by Luleå Technical University.

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