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April 28, 2023

Press release from North Sweden Cleantech

Rebecca Sakayan, Regional Manager North

Travel-free meetings, remote support and continuous environmental work are the focus of Informationsteknik, the video and meeting technology company. Informationsteknik helps the customers achieve their goals by providing technical solutions that are tailored to the customer’s wishes.

– We want to be the obvious choice for travel-free meeting solutions, says Rebecca Sakayan, regional manager North at Informationsteknik.

Since the start in 1989, Informationsteknik has grown and is today a nationwide supplier of video and meeting technology with 120 employees. In December 2020, the Umeå-based company Mindspace Group was acquired and has since operated under the name Informationsteknik. Since 2021, Informationsteknik is part of the global organization GPA, which is the largest association of video and meeting technology companies in the world.

– Being part of GPA means that we can deliver added value to our customers who operate globally, help with installation, service and support worldwide, says Charlotte Arvidsson, Marketing Manager at Informationsteknik

Quality and Competence

Informationsteknik has extensive knowledge in video and meeting technology and works with the largest suppliers to ensure quality. They provide technical solutions within AV technology for permanent installations such as meeting rooms, auditoriums and conference facilities. Informationsteknik also helps with technical solutions for events such as general meetings, conferences and galas. Together with the customer, they develop the technical solution that is best suited for the purpose.

Jonas Örtqvist, Business Manager Installation, Magnus Zetterberg, Project Manager/System Designer and Rebecca Sakayan, Regional Manager North in a meeting using Informationsteknik’s installation.

The company has, during its more than 30 years, accumulated a great deal of expertise, something that they are happy to share. In addition to installations and rental of hardware, Informationsteknik also invites you to customer seminars where they give lectures on various topics, sometimes it is about current topics but it can also be lectures about something that is requested by customers.

– We see great value in sharing our knowledge with our customers, says Rebecca.

Reducing Environmental Impact

Sustainability work is important to Informationsteknik and they work actively to reduce climate impact, both within their own organization and with their customers. The company is ISO-certified and makes choices that are gentle on the environment, and the staff is also trained in environmental issues. In order to reduce the climate impact within the own organization, a Styrofoam compactor has been purchased.

– Electronics are delivered in Styrofoam and we have therefore invested in a Styrofoam compactor to reduce transport when recycling Styrofoam, says Charlotte.

Informationsteknik also offers recycling of the technical equipment that they install at their customers. Informationsteknik’s customers thus get the opportunity to make environmentally conscious choices and can rely on the electronics being recycled in the right way.

– We do not just sell the hardware, but also help our customers achieve their goals, says Rebecca.

Informationsteknik wants to be a part of the green transition that is taking place in northern Sweden, support the investments that are made by offering meeting solutions that can make work more efficient for the actors involved.

– When we help our customers with the best solutions for them in terms of video and meeting technology, we give them room to become even better at what they do, says Rebecca.

Travel-free meetings also open the door to new initiatives and ventures as distances do not become a factor. Informationsteknik creates opportunities for the entire region, not least within the green transition.

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Originally published on 26 April.

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