🇸🇪 Exeri Signs Framework Agreement With One of Swedens Largest Distribution System Owners

November 24, 2023


Distribution System Owner Ellevio, with about one million customers in central Sweden, have expanded their digitalization efforts with Exeri Smart Grid Surveillance™.

The contract with Ellevio means that Exeri will have overall responsibility in delivering the next generation of electric grid surveillance and fault detection for overhead lines. The contract encompasses all Ellevios grid concessions nationwide

It is a monumental and, above all, socially important investment that we are seeing right now from Ellevio, where they are taking the next step in the development of the Swedish electricity grid. It shows that they take these challenges that come with the energy transition seriously, and look to solve them long term

– Stefan Burström – CTO & Founder, Exeri

Today we are facing challenges with fault detection in our overhead line network. It is particularly challenging when the lines run through difficult terrain that make them hard to reach. With Exeri’s solution, we can more quickly identify the fault and location, which allows us to repair the fault faster

– Stephan Stålered – Rollout Manager Vision 2030, Ellevio

The investment in monitoring means that electricity network owners can more quickly locate potential faults and maintenance needs in the network, and thus remedy the faults even more effectively.

Originally published on 21 November by EXERI.

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