🇸🇪 Dialogue on entrepreneurial housing in Sävast

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December 22, 2023

Visionsbild entreprenörsbostäder Sävast

Dialogue meetings have been held with residents in the area around Fruktvägen, Sävast, where contractor housing is planned. The municipality of Boden, H2 Green Steel and the police provided information and received comments that will be taken into account in the continued work.

Fruktvägen in Sävast is the fourth of several planned areas covered by the framework agreement for temporary contractor housing in Boden during the construction period of H2 Green Steel.

An open dialogue between stakeholders aims to create a transparent and inclusive process. By providing information, collecting views and answering questions from local residents, the municipality of Boden, the police and H2 Green Steel aim to create the most sustainable and safe living environments possible.

Dialogue meeting
On Fruktvägen in Sävast, temporary contractor housing for about 600 people is planned. During the meeting, preventive measures and plans were presented. They included the location and design of buildings, outdoor planning, safety, security, lighting, order, traffic and connectivity.

One of the requests from the audience was to preserve vegetation in the area that will be restored after the removal of the temporary housing. Law and order was discussed and comments were made on the choice of location and the importance of considering the living environment of local residents.

Anne Graf on H2GS
“Our absolute goal is to work to make it as good as possible for everyone, to ensure that the area is pleasant both for those who will live there and for the surrounding neighbors. We are of course taking on board the feedback we received”, says Anne Graf, Head of Community Relations at H2 Green Steel.

The meeting was also attended by her colleagues responsible for H2 Green Steel’s sustainability, safety and project management work.

Representatives from the municipality of Boden participated, including representatives from projects and investment, spatial planning, environment, construction, security promotion and crime prevention, together with the municipal police.

In total, it is estimated that up to 5000 people will need temporary housing in Boden during the construction of H2 Green Steel. Of these, the municipality of Boden intends to provide land and temporary building permits for about 3000. This is to ease the pressure on the rest of the housing market, but above all to have common requirements for all entrepreneurial housing.

The planned construction and maintenance of the sites is the responsibility of H2 Green Steel.

Vision sketch of the planned area for contractor housing on Fruktvägen, Sävast: H2 Green Steel

Originally published on 21 December by Bodenxt.

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