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Press release from Arctic Game

November 29, 2023

With a focus on Skellefteå’s societal transformation and environmental goals, games were created by 50 participants at an intensive Mashup Game Jam in Skellefteå.

– This was great fun and I learned an incredible amount. We received support and help from both other participants and organizers. I’m already looking forward to the next opportunity, says Sebastian Forsvik, one of the participants.

During a weekend, the participants had to create games based on the challenges of Skellefteå’s societal transformation and the global goals. The goal was that one of the ideas would be possible to realize and contribute to Society Expo 2026.

– We want to increase the opportunities to experiment and explore the use of cutting-edge technology and game methodology to create creative solutions to real challenges, says Pernilla Lindmark, Project Manager for Intersective Game.

A total of five concepts were presented. One of the game is about a student who remains on Campus 2030 with the goal of clearing the area of carbon dioxide and converting it to coal. One of the creators was Malin Hellström, who is in the second year of the Project Manager/Game Design program.

– I have never been to such a short and intense game jam before, but it was really fun. The difficult part was getting all the challenges together, but I think our group succeeded really well, she says.

The challenges during the Mashup Game Jam arose in dialogue with Skellefteå municipality. The platform would be used to experiment how Skellefteå’s social transformation can be made visible with the help of games.

– We plan to further develop the concept and hope to be able to open up registration for the next opportunity shortly. The goal is to arrange the Mashup Game Jam in Norrbotten at the beginning of 2024, says Pernilla Lindmark.

No special knowledge of how to make games is required to participate in a Mashup Game Jam. Anyone interested in creating, developing and getting to know like-minded people is welcome.

Organizers: Mashup Game Jam is presented within the framework of the Intersective Game project in collaboration with Go Business and Futuregames.

About the Intersective Game:
Intersective Game is a 3-year ERFU ÖN project with Skellefteå Science City as project owner. The project is also co-financed by Region Västerbotten, Region Norrbotten, Skellefteå Municipality, Umeå Municipality, Luleå Municipality and Boden Business Park.

The goal is to establish a test bed cluster in game technology with flexible and collaborative innovation environments that will strengthen technology and service development within the game industry and other industries.

Originally published on 29 November by Arctic Game.

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