🇸🇪 Copperstone: Henrik Ager announces his resignation as CEO, proposed to join the Board

August 14, 2023

Press release from Copperstone Resources.

Henrik Ager has informed the Board of Directors that he intends to leave his position as CEO of Copperstone Resources to instead take over as CEO of a Nordic industrial company. In connection with the announcement, the Nomination Committee has informed the Board of Directors of its intention to propose Henrik Ager as a new Board member. The Board of Directors has initiated a process to recruit his successor.

“Copperstone is well on its way to becoming a significant player in responsibly produced copper in Europe, and Henrik has been an integral part of our team to develop our strategy and drive us forward. It is regrettable that Henrik chooses to leave as CEO, but at the same time we see that his long experience and solid background from the mining industry can add valuable perspectives to the work of the board,” said Jörgen Olsson, Chairman of the Board of Copperstone.

“It has been a pleasure for me to work as CEO of Copperstone. The company has a strong management team and a clear vision, and during the year we have taken several important steps towards becoming a significant player in the Swedish mining industry. I am pleased and honored that the Nomination Committee intends to nominate me as a new member of the Board, which means that I can continue to contribute to Copperstone’s future development,” said Henrik Ager, CEO of Copperstone.

Henrik Ager has been CEO of Copperstone since December 2022 and has a six-month notice period in his employment contract. Severance pay is not paid in the event of resignation by the CEO.

The Nomination Committee of Copperstone has informed the Board of Directors of Copperstone that it intends to nominate Henrik Ager as a new Board member of Copperstone at an Extraordinary General Meeting during the autumn. Henrik Ager’s new employer has expressed its support for such an appointment. Notice of such a general meeting will be published at a later stage.

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