🇸🇪 ClimateView and AFRY enter partnership for data-driven green transitions in cities

February 9, 2024

To support cities, municipalities and regions in accelerating their journey towards carbon neutrality, Swedish technology company ClimateView and global engineering and design company AFRY have entered a partnership with a joint offering, combining leading expertise from two disciplines.

Cities are critical players in combating climate change, as they are hubs for innovation, economic activity and account for more than 70 percent of global CO2 emissions. Their dense populations and infrastructure offer a concentrated opportunity for both impactful policy changes and scalable sustainability initiatives that can lead to significant reductions in greenhouse gas emissions.

ClimateView and AFRY are teaming up to transform how cities worldwide use data and system-wide strategies for ambitious climate action efforts. The duo is already underway with work in Helsingborg and Eskilstuna, both part of the EU Mission Cities initiative. The aim of the EU Mission Cities is to deliver 100 climate-neutral and smart cities by 2030 and ensure that these cities act as experimentation and innovation hubs to enable all European cities to follow suit by 2050.

“Across our partner cities, we see the need for intelligent systems that succeed in modelling it all at once, from political changes and changing economics to energy landscapes, in varying scenarios. This is delivered by ClimateView’s platform. Together with AFRY’s deep-rooted local presence and experience of climate mitigation strategy, technical expertise, roadmaps, and action plans, our joint approach ensures the most effective pathway and solutions to accelerate the climate transition for cities,” said Henrik Tegnér, EVP, Strategy and Sustainability

ClimateView and AFRY, which were both part of the official Swedish Delegation to the UN Climate conference (COP28) in 2023, anticipate that this collaboration will set a new standard for and support cities in their quest to reach their climate neutrality goals.

“AFRY is a trusted partner to cities, bringing over a century of expertise. From engineering, and design to infrastructure and energy systems, AFRY is an advisor across the globe. We couldn’t be more thrilled in embarking on this journey together, offering a data-driven and systemic approach to city-wide transitions led by civic administrations.” said Einar Bodström, CEO, ClimateView


For further information, please contact:

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Originally published on 9 February by AFRY.

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