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May 8, 2024

Två affärskvinnor i en modern kontorsbyggnad. Den kvinna till vänster har blont hår, bär en pläderad kavaj och en beige tröja, medan den kvinna till höger har långt ljust hår och bär en grå kostym. De står vid ett räcke i en välbelyst korridor med glasväggar.

Boden and Luleå join forces and gather top names for events to shape the sustainable society of the future.

From May 13th to 16th, Boden and Luleå will transform into a significant innovation center through two major parallel events: Sweden’s Innovation Parliament and the Demo North Summit.

The events focus on the green societal transition, its opportunities, and challenges, from both innovation and investment perspectives.

– This is the first major event where Sweden’s combined innovation actors are present here at the same time, which feels both fun and important. We need innovative solutions to meet the societal transition, says Stina Mattsson, Business Developer at Boden Business Park.

About 700 participants, both from Sweden and abroad, will have the opportunity to build new relationships and listen to some of the country’s most prominent representatives in their fields. In addition, tours are organized in the cities to give them a deeper insight into ongoing projects.

Record Pre-sales

The events are jointly organized by Boden Business Park, Luleå Science Park, Swedish Incubators & Science Parks, and Invest in Norrbotten.

– There is great interest and the feedback we have received is that there have never been so many pre-sale tickets sold for Sweden’s Innovation Parliament, says Linnea Söderström, business developer at Boden Business Park.

By coordinating resources and expertise between Boden Business Park and Luleå Science Park, both cities have been able to capitalize on each other’s strengths in a way that broadens the horizons of both.

– We have a common goal and that is to create the conditions to carry out the green societal transition, says Stina Mattsson.

Visions of the future

According to her, creating long-term strategies that include joint development projects, knowledge sharing and networking are crucial to strengthening the region’s innovation culture.

– It has been very useful to collaborate with Luleå on this event and hopefully we have created a basis for more joint projects that can make our region more competitive.

The green societal transition is a central part of both Boden’s and Luleå’s future visions. In Boden, the city is undergoing extensive changes to reduce carbon emissions and increase energy efficiency. In Boden, H2 Green Steel is also building the world’s first large-scale green steel mill, which, when completed in 2026, is expected to reduce CO2 emissions by up to 95% compared to traditional steel production.

The world’s first large-scale green steel plant is currently being built here. Photo: Municipality of Boden

On the other hand, Luleå has invested heavily in integrating green technology into its industrial processes, especially within the steel and data center industries. There, SSAB also plans to convert steel production by 2028, and the battery company Talga is building an anode factory set to be completed in 2025.

The world’s largest test bed

In just three to five years, these cities will grow and develop at a rate that normally takes 20 years. This involves significant investments for the municipalities, but also a wave of new jobs and incoming people. Boden and Luleå together may be the world’s largest test bed for a green societal transition. The question is how Innovation Sweden can contribute?

The overview picture shows Stina Mattsson, left, and Linnea Söderström, right, both business developers at Boden Business Park. Photo: Boden Business Park

Originally published on 8 May by BodenNXT.

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