🇸🇪 Boden continues to have the best business climate

September 21, 2023

Press release from BODENNXT

Once again, Boden has the best business climate in the county and remains in the top 50 list – despite an accelerating societal transition with the challenges it entails.

The Confederation of Swedish Enterprise carries out an annual survey of the business climate in the country’s municipalities.

The results were published on Wednesday and the municipality of Boden maintains the top position in the county for the third consecutive year.

The overall score looks the same as last year, but in the ranking Boden drops five places, from 44 to 49.

“We see a slight dip in the ranking nationally, which is not entirely unexpected given the increasing complexity of the processes we deal with on a daily basis. It requires hard work as well as resources,” says Mats Berg, Head of Business relations in the municipality of Boden.

“Cornerstone of growth journey”
For several years, the municipality has worked strategically to strengthen and develop cooperation with Boden’s entrepreneurs and the local business community. This has also yielded positive results.

The ongoing societal transition places greater pressure on the municipal organization as a whole, but it does not mean that long-term development work is deprioritized.

“We have a good dialogue with our local business community and constantly tweak things to improve and optimize, as an attractive and well-functioning business climate is a cornerstone of our ongoing growth journey,” says Mats Berg.

Mats Berg, Head of business relations in the municipality of Boden.
Mats Berg, Head of business relations in the municipality of Boden.
Every year, the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise measures more than 30,000 companies’ experiences of running a business in their municipalities. The survey responses provide a picture of how the business environment is perceived by businesses. The answers are then combined with five statistical factors to produce a ranking that allows comparison of Sweden’s 290 municipalities.

Originally published on 20 September.