🇸🇪 AFRY provides SweGaN with key professional services – assist in building one of the first semiconductor factories in Europe

October 9, 2023

Press release from AFRY

Sweden-based semiconductor manufacturer SweGaN has chosen AFRY to provide support and expertise in several disciplines for establishing their new headquarters and semiconductor production facility in Linköping, Sweden.

Supplier of semiconductor epiwafers, SweGaN, recently began the transformation from start-up to scale-up. AFRY is assisting SweGaN’s scale-up journey with a wide variety of services to build a new state-of-the-art production facility in Linköping. A rapidly growing global sector, semiconductors – are key component within electric vehicles, solar inverters, power supplies and more – all contributing towards a more sustainable society.

AFRY’s cyber security experts are guiding SweGan in securing its IP (Immaterial Properties) and trade secrets and ensuring customer integrity. Additionally, AFRY is providing a bouquet of expert professional services including IT, OT, ERP, CE marking, construction of the new production facility, server room construction, electrical, security, work environment, quality assurance, risk management and project management.

“Initially, we asked AFRY to support and secure our cyber security operations. After understanding AFRY’s wide range of competencies and services, we determined it would be highly favourable to bring all professional services for the new facility under one roof. Partnering with AFRY, we can now focus SweGaN resources on our growth and expansion goals,” says Henrik Tölander, COO SweGaN.

“I am very proud that SweGaN chose us for this project. The client saw the value of one supplier for all their professional service needs. As SweGaN’s full service provider, we can gain a comprehensive, holistic overview of their needs and offer a customer-tailored solution,” says Michael Blom, Section Manager at AFRY.

The opening of the semiconductor production facility will enable Sweden, and in extension Europe, to strengthen the European supply chain and compete against Taiwan, China, the U.S, South Korea and Japan – currently the main providers of semiconductors. Increased access to robust semiconductor offerings in Europe will make it easier to develop and produce electric vehicles, solar inverters, and power supplies in Europe, while also reducing dependency on competing countries.

For further information, please contact:

Josephine Sirander, Head of Communications Industrial & Digital Solutions, AFRY
+46 10 505 33 33, [email protected]
About SweGaN

SweGaN provides unique solutions for GaN-on-SiC epiwafers based on its groundbreaking epitaxial growth technology for the manufacturers of RF devices used in applications of telecom, defense, satellite communications. The high performance of SweGaN QuanFINE® material enables our customers to quickly adapt to the evolving challenges of next-generation high power and high frequency devices, and to create future-oriented solutions. For more information, visit us as www.swegan.se and LinkedIn.

AFRY provides engineering, design, digital and advisory services to accelerate the transition towards a sustainable society. We are 19,000 devoted experts in industry, energy and infrastructure sectors, creating impact for generations to come. AFRY has Nordic roots with a global reach, net sales of 24 BSEK and is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm.

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Originally published on 9 October.