🇸🇪 AFRY Experience Studios expands to Bologna, Italy

By Elías Thorsson - August 21, 2023
Press release from AFRY Experience Studios
AFRY Experience Studios, our dynamic design studio, is embarking on an exciting new chapter.

AFRY is opening our fourth office in Italy, marking the establishment of AFRY Experience Studios in the city of Bologna. This expansion aims to reinforce our standing as a leading global automotive provider while underscoring our dedication to delivering sustainable, cutting-edge solutions to our clients worldwide.

Opening an office in Bologna provides AFRY Experience Studios with a location to tap into the Italian design community and meet the evolving needs of the automotive industry. Bologna is globally recognised for its thriving design market, housing numerous design and trend studios. This provides AFRY Experience Studios with a rich ecosystem of talent and collaboration opportunities, enabling us to stay at the forefront of innovative design practices and trends. Additionally, Bologna offers an excellent opportunity to contribute towards meeting future sustainability targets on a global market.

I am very proud that we have established our presence in Bologna, enabling us to offer our diverse range of design services to the Italian market. Initially, our focus will be on automotive design, leveraging our expertise in this domain. Over time, we will expand our offerings to encompass other areas, such as industrial design and outdoor lifestyle solutions,

says Martin Andersson, Head of Experience Studios at AFRY.

Introducing Sean Cubicciotti: Driving Innovation and Growth in Bologna

As AFRY Experience Studios establishes its presence in Bologna, we are delighted to introduce Sean Cubicciotti as the Site Manager for the new office. With his extensive background and expertise in the automotive industry, Sean will play a key role in our expansion and driving innovation in Italy.

We had the opportunity to interview Sean, to understand the ambitions and the offerings brought by Experience Studios to the new location.

How do you believe your experience in the automotive industry will contribute to AFRY Experience Studios’ expansion in Italy?

My experience in the automotive industry will contribute to our expansion in Italy in several ways. Firstly, with 14 years of professional experience, including ten years specifically in engineering and design services, I have developed a deep understanding of the industry’s dynamics, trends, and requirements. This knowledge will allow me to provide valuable insights and guidance to our operations in Italy, ensuring that our services are tailored to meet the unique needs of the Italian automotive market.

Furthermore, my established partnerships within the automotive sector in Italy will be instrumental in driving our expansion efforts. Bologna, in particular, is known for its concentration of companies involved in the development and production of prototype vehicles. This is an area where AFRY Experience Studios currently lacks a presence. By leveraging my existing relationships and actively establishing new partnerships, we can tap into this expertise and offer a broader range of services, thus expanding our service portfolio, and attracting new clients and employees.

What specific areas of expertise can AFRY Experience Studios offer to the Italian market?

AFRY Experience Studios excels in various areas, and we bring our design competence in brand, innovation, digital design, and service design. Our team’s expertise allows us to create impactful and engaging brand experiences, drive innovation through cutting-edge design solutions and provide digital design services that enhance user experiences. Additionally, our strong competence in technical design, including visualisation, surface design, and studio engineering, enables us to offer comprehensive and visually appealing solutions.

Moreover, we believe that our knowledge and commitment to sustainability can bring significant value to the Italian market. By bringing our expertise in sustainable design practices, we aim to contribute to advancing environmentally conscious initiatives within the Italian automotive and design industry.

What are the ambitions for this expansion? Where do you see the Bologna office in a few years?

Our ambition is to establish a globally renowned studio at the forefront of innovation, consistently delivering groundbreaking concepts and pioneering design solutions. This applies not only to the automotive industry but also to industrial design, fashion, and many other industries in Italy. I envision forging key partnerships and impactful projects. I aim to have all this in place within two years, along with around 50 people in my team, specialising in design, visual design, and studio engineering.


With Sean Cubicciotti leading the way in Bologna, AFRY Experience Studios is ready to explore new markets through innovation, collaboration, and a diverse range of design services.

Originally published on 21 August.