🇳🇴 The NDN2024 programme is out

May 14, 2024

The NORDUnet 2024 conference programme has been published. You will find well-known session topics relevant to the research and education community, such as network updates, trust and identity service evolution, network and information security, educational services, and others; all sessions filled with talks on state-of-the-art technology,  future infrastructure and service evolution, and thought provoking views.

You will also find less traditional sessions such as for example “Non-traditional uses of optical modem technology”, “Last Mile”, and “European Buzzwords”.

Click the session titles and read more about what you can expect; and watch out for more updates as the programme fills up with amazing talks and speakers.

We look forward to sharing more details – and to seeing you in Bergen, Norway on 10-12 September 2024. Please do not forget to register for the conference if you have not already done so.

Originally published on 8 May by NORDUnet.

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