🇳🇴 The Human Touch Robotics Secures 20 MNOK Seed Round Investment to Revolutionize Online Grocery Packing with Innovative Robotics Solutions

January 12, 2024
The Human Touch Robotics core team

Oslo, 11.01.2024 – In a significant leap towards revolutionizing the online grocery sector, The Human Touch Robotics has successfully secured a 20 million NOK seed round investment from prominent venture capital firms, ProVenture and Voima Ventures. This strategic funding will propel the development and deployment of the company’s groundbreaking robotic solutions designed to automate the packing process for online groceries.

The Problem: Transforming Online Grocery Packing with Human Touch Robotics

Online grocery shopping has seen significant growth in recent years (read more here), presenting both convenience and challenges. One of the critical challenges faced by online grocers is efficient and cost-effective automation of the packing process. As online grocery shopping continues its expansion, the problem of maintaining the accuracy of order fulfillment and the high costs associated with manual packing have become apparent. The Human Touch Robotics aims to tackle this issue head-on by introducing a cutting-edge robotic cell designed for pick and pack operations.

The Solution: Dexter, Deep-eye, and Noyce – A Triad of Innovation

At the heart of The Human Touch Robotics’ solution lies a combination of three core components: Dexter, Deep-eye, and Noyce.

Noyce – Robotic cell for automating picking and packing in online groceries
  1. Dexter – The Adaptive Gripper: Dexter is a novel adaptive gripper with versatility to handle a wide variety of food and grocery items (from fruit to vegetables and more). Its adaptive nature enables it to delicately pick items, ensuring that even the most delicate and perishable goods are handled with care and precision (video).
  2. Deep-eye – Precision Perception with AI Computer Vision: Deep-eye, the AI computer vision software, serves as the eyes of the robotic cell. This advanced software gives the robot instant data, helping it analyze and choose the best way to efficiently pick items from a crowded bin or a cluttered space. The advanced perception capabilities of Deep-eye enhance the overall efficiency of the packing process.
  3. Noyce – Intelligent Path Planning: Noyce functions as the brain behind the movement of the robotic cell in the dynamic warehouse environment. This intelligent path planning system ensures that the robot navigates through the densely packed space with utmost efficiency, minimizing errors and maximizing productivity with fast pick and place cycle’s. Noyce’s capabilities are pivotal in streamlining the entire packing operation.

Investment Partners: ProVenture and Voima Ventures Join Forces

The successful seed round investment of 20 million NOK, led by ProVenture and Voima Ventures, underscores the confidence these investors have in The Human Touch Robotics’ innovative approach to revolutionizing online grocery packing. The funds raised will be instrumental in further refining the technology, reaching go-to-market readiness, expanding the company’s market reach and scaling up production. The test facility that The Human Touch Robotics is building in Oslo, Norway, will be used to pilot the robotic cells with global industry leaders in the online grocery space. The first robot cells are being piloted for client facilities in Oslo (Norway), Stockholm (Sweden), Utrecht (Netherlands), Brussels (Belgium), and San Francisco (USA).

ProVenture Quote:

“ProVenture’s investment in The Human Touch Robotics brings unique technology and outstanding talent under our portfolio. ThT Robotics groundbreaking pick and pack solution shows promising potential to become a vital component in the rapidly evolving online grocery market, offering prospects of heightened automation and increased profitability.”

Tom Arnøy, Partner in ProVenture

Tom Arnøy, Partner in ProVenture

Voima Ventures Quote:

“Our second Fund focused on turning the best academic research into successful businesses, and that’s why we initially invested early on in ThT Robotics. We see the potential of automating labor in challenging work environments, especially within refrigeration units, which is standard for all food storage systems. As ThT Robotics embark on expansion plans, we anticipate numerous positives for this company in the years ahead”

Pontus Stråhlman, Voima Ventures Partner

Pontus Stråhlman, Voima Ventures Partner

New Board Chair Appointed

Chairperson Quote:

I am excited to assume the role of Chairperson of the board and collaborate with this exceptional team, with high competence and a great vision. The cutting- edge technology developed by the company holds immense potential to revolutionize food packaging. I extend my thanks to our esteemed investment partners, ProVenture and Voima Ventures. The capital infusion is crucial to take The Human Touch Robotics to the next level. Additionally, we are happy to leverage the expertise and expansive network of these investors, who bring a wealth of experience in nurturing growth of tech startups.”

Katharina R. Asting, Chairperson of ThT Robotics.

Katharina R. Asting, Chairperson of ThT Robotics

Pioneering the Future of Online Grocery Automation

CEO Quote:

Online grocers are the space where the process of packing orders is still done completely manually. This market has been closed to robotics due to the need to handle and pack very different food and grocery items, which presents a significant challenge for robots. The existing robotics technology is still not there yet to allow robots to pick and pack such a diverse range of items.

At The Human Touch Robotics, we have invented a new technology stack, starting from an adaptive gripper, to AI perception, and path planning of robots, that will bring a paradigm shift in robotics and its applications to online e-groceries. We needed to invent things from the ground up.

With the support of our valued investors, ProVenture and Voima Ventures, we are excited to accelerate the development and deployment of our robotic solutions, setting a new standard both in robotics and enabling online shopping to become a norm.”

Andrija Milojevic

Founder and CEO, The Human Touch Robotics

Andrija Milojevic, Founder and CEO, The Human Touch Robotics

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Originally published on 11 January by Human Touch Robotics.

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