🇳🇴 Culachy Wind Farm plans submitted to the Scottish Government

Press release from Fred. Olsen Renewables

December 12, 2023

Fred. Olsen Renewables has submitted proposals to the Scottish Government for permission to develop Culachy Wind Farm

Fred. Olsen Renewables has submitted proposals to the Scottish Government for permission to develop Culachy Wind Farm, over 7km south of Forth Augustus. If consented, the plans will bring forward a development consisting of eight turbines up to 200m high to tip – generating 57MW of clean electricity and delivering a £9m community benefit fund over the project’s operational life.

Fred. Olsen Renewables has been undertaking community consultation for Culachy Wind Farm since early 2022. The plans have been changed in response to feedback gathered locally, resulting in the number of turbines being reduced alongside the proposed height – minimising views from local villages and Loch Ness.

If approved the site will generate enough clean, green energy to power the equivalent of 46,129 households a year. It will bring with it a community benefit fund worth £280,000 per year to the local communities closest to the site. Fred. Olsen Renewables has committed to working with the communities to create a funding structure to complement initiatives already in place and support long-term sustainable projects.

Rachel O’Donnell, Project Manager at Fred. Olsen Renewables, commented:

“We are pleased to submit our plans for Culachy Wind Farm. I have welcomed the time that local residents have spent considering our plans and their feedback has really helped to shape the final proposals.

“The design of the wind farm has evolved through constructive feedback from the community and other stakeholders. This has seen a reduction in the number of turbines and also the height being reduced to 200m to tip, minimising views locally.

“Our plans will bring a range of benefits including funding for the community of over £280,000 per year, biodiversity improvements on site and opportunities for the supply chain. I am confident that Culachy Wind Farm can help to support community aspirations as well as helping Scotland’s transition to net zero.”

Further information can be found at www.culachywind.co.uk.

Originally published on 4 December by Fred. Olsen Renewables.

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