🇳🇴 CCB Energy and Øygarden municipality partner with CIP for hydrogen production in “Energiparken”

February 12, 2024
Image: CCB Energy

CCB Energy and Øygarden municipality, through the jointly owned property company Naturgassparken Vest AS, have entered an option agreement with Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners with the purpose of establishing production of hydrogen-based energy carriers in “Energiparken” in Øygarden municipality.

We are very pleased to be able to finalize an option and framework for significant industrial development and future job opportunities. “Energiparken” has been our main focus, and in our opinion, CIP will be very suitable in terms of the mandate and direction we have desired for “Energiparken”. An industrial park hosting industries such as CCS, DAC, and H2 will now be strengthened with other green energy carriers in a highly advantageous location.

Ronny Haufe, CEO CCB Energy

The transition to clean energy carriers such as hydrogen and ammonia is crucial for achieving the global climate goals, especially for the maritime industry, the transportation sector, and other industrial sectors. Norway has good conditions for establishing cost-effective production lines, which have been further reinforced through Norway’s commitment to carbon capture and storage (CCS).

The experience of the contracting parties in both green industry and the oil and gas sector, with a high focus on HSE, will be important pillars for large-scale production development. The establishment of planned operations will involve significant investments and could provide job opportunities and a substantial boost to expertise for the business sector. It will also lead to significant positive effects for existing businesses throughout the region.

— Øygarden is an ideal location for this project, with access to the sea, natural gas, and the Northern Lights CCS storage facility, says Philip Christiani from CIP.
He continuous: CIP is already working on low-carbon projects in the USA. As the energy transition accelerates, low-carbon energy products based on natural gas with carbon capture and storage – so-called blue hydrogen products – can deliver affordable and clean fuel on a large scale.

About Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners (CIP)
CIP was founded in 2012 and is the world’s largest fund manager in renewable energy investments, as well as one of the world’s leading offshore wind companies. CIP’s funds focus on investments in offshore and onshore wind, solar, advanced bioenergy, transformation, and power-to-X. CIP manages 12 funds and has to date raised approximately 28 billion euros from more than 160 investors globally. CIP has approximately 500 employees and 12 offices worldwide. For more information, visit www.cip.com.

About CCB Energy
CCB Energy is a holding company, owned 50/50 by Bernh Larsen Holding and Norsea Group (owned by Wilhelmsen New Energy). Owners with extensive experience in providing services to the oil and gas sector, as well as developing industrial parks, have provided a solid foundation for developing a sustainable and climate-friendly industrial park.

About NGPV
NGPV is a real estate company owned 50/50 by Øygarden municipality and CCB Energy. The company aims to facilitate industrial development and thereby create future jobs with a special focus on green development

Contact for more information: 

Oliver Routhe Skov, CIP
E-post: [email protected]
Mobil +45 3054 1227

Ronny Haufe, CCB Energy
E-post: [email protected]
Mobil +47 913 50660

Originally published on 9 February by Ocean Hyway Cluster.

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