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Press release from the Norwegian Centre for E-health Research

December 20, 2023

How can we ensure that healthcare innovations provide real value? Try out these activities at your next innovation workshop.

Doctor uses an innovation with a patient.
Workshop activities can help to ensure the value of healthcare innovations.

All too often, healthcare innovations fail to provide health value or economic benefits. In response, the Centre for Connected Care has developed Step Up, a series of workshop activities that increase the likelihood of success of innovation projects. By understanding the value of solving a problem and exploring potential solutions, workshop participants ensure that resources and technology are used in the best possible way to maximise value. The activities bring together the perspectives of users, staff, clinicians, managers and decision-makers, early in the innovation process.

Step Up contains five activities in two sections:

Foundation activities help you to understand the challenge or situation where you want to innovate, so that you tackle the most relevant problem

  • Impact analysis
  • Service journey
  • Knowledge review

Solution activities help you to explore possible directions for the future

  • Impact comparison
  • Implementation process

Watch a short introduction to Step Up for more information.

Complete the activities by downloading and printing them out in A3-size:
Download Step Up in English
Last ned Step Up på norsk

Originally published on 18 December by the Norwegian Centre for E-health Research.

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