🇳🇴 ArcticZymes Technologies launches AZtaq™ DNA Polymerase

August 10, 2023

Press release from ArcticZymes Technologies ASA

Tromsø, Norway, 10 August 2023 – ArcticZymes Technologies ASA (OSE: AZT) launches AZtaq™ DNA Polymerase.

ArcticZymes Technologies (AZT) today announces the launch of its new product, AZtaq™ DNA Polymerase. AZtaq™ is a high-quality thermostable DNA polymerase suitable for use in polymerase chain reaction (PCR) applications.

Launching the AZtaq™ is a natural expansion of the Company’s molecular tools portfolio. Being an essential enzyme in PCR, the thermostable DNA polymerase plays a pivotal role and enables numerous applications within molecular diagnostics and research.

The Company expects to see synergies with their existing products currently supporting PCR workflows. Being able to serve customers with a more complete enzyme offering will be an important driver for sales growth in the molecular tools business.

CSO, Darren Ellis said: “Taken by itself Taq polymerase is a relatively standard product; however, the larger picture is that we are delivering on our Molecular Tools strategy to provide a complete portfolio of enzymes towards the MDx market. Now for the very first time AZT can offer all enzymes to a complete viral diagnostics workflow comprising the new AZtaq™, the recently launched AZscript™, together with our existing proteinase, nucleases, and Cod UNG.”

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Originally published on 10 August.