🇮🇸 The teams collected about a billion ISK in Hringiða

February 23, 2024
Published in Morgunblaðin, business/working life, February 22, p. 36

The business accelerator Hringiða was discussed in Morgunblaðin, where Jenna Björk Guðmundsdóttir, project manager of Hringiða at KLAK – Icelandic Startups, reviewed what the accelerator has brought about over the years and the changes that have been made.

Hringiða is a business accelerator that lasts for 6 weeks and up to 10 teams will be selected to participate.

The change includes, among other things, that startups in the early stages who enter the accelerator get a unique opportunity to shape their idea with the help of experts and entrepreneurs from the Icelandic economy, strengthen the network, get a clear vision of the next steps and the tools to get there.

The application deadline in Hringiða for early-stage startups is February 25.