🇮🇸 Seven teams join startup Storm

October 2, 2023

Press release from Norðanátt

Seven innovation teams from North Iceland have been selected to
participate in the Startup Storm business accelerator which starts on October 4th.

This is the third time that Norðanátt maintains a business accelerator for
entrepreneurs and businesses in North Iceland.

Startup Stormur is a seven-week business accelerator for green projects in North
Iceland. The program is designed with the needs of participants in mind, but the accelerator is a
fertile platform to develop their ideas and products, learn about business operations, marketing,
prepare for financing and much more.

The goal is to help the teams grow rapidly during these seven weeks and on their

This year there are three participating companies from the North East and four
from the North West.

The teams will meet experienced mentors, and company managers from all over the
country, will attend workshops and educational meetings and form strong networks with each other.

Startup Storm 2023 participants: 

3D Solutions – Circuit casting and stereo.

– An old-fashioned Icelandic medicinal herb, here the plant is given a
new role as a flavouring in food production.

Cultivate microfarm – Reduce carbon footprint and
reduce imports and food waste – Grow Microfarm is an environmentally friendly production of green
springs, gourmet mushrooms and hempflowers.

Calm health – The hemp fascinated us and what it can
do, so we started with Calm CBD.

Ísponica – Cultivation of vegetables and herbs by
aquaponics (drainage of aquaculture) vertical farming. The goal is to grow food indoors, all year
round with an emphasis on sustainable production.

Sigló Sea – Sjálfbær sjóþangrækt/uppskera og
kræklingarækt og samfélagstengd ferðaþjónustuþróun.

Grinder – Grinder Coffee roasting in Skagafjörður,
freshly roasted and fresher coffee

Originally published on 2 October.