🇮🇸 Investor Festival Norðanáttar 2024 – Open for applications

Press release from Norðanátt

December 5, 2023

The third time it stands Norðanátt, with support from the Ministry of the Environment, Energy and Climate, for the Investor Festival in Siglufjörður. The festival will take place on March 20, 2024 and advertise Norðanátt now for innovative projects seeking funding from all parts of the country.

Investor Festival Norðanáttar is a platform for start-ups and growth companies to present their projects regarding, for example, energy transition, the circular economy, resource utilisation or other green solutions to a full room of investors.

Your company at home at the Investor Festival Norðanáttar?

Those who can apply:

  • Start-ups: Projects in the first tier of funding seeking funding between 20 m.kr. to 100 m.kr.

  • Growth companies: Projects that have received funding, or grown from their own resources, but need additional funding to expand further and seek funding of m.kr 100. or more.

Anyone who considers their projects to fall under energy transition, the circular economy, resource utilisation or other green solutions is free to submit an application. The application shall be accompanied by a pitch deck according to the following recipe:

  • Home (logo and oneliner)

  • The problem you are solving

  • Solution (how to solve the problem)

  • The product or service (how does it work)

  • The uniqueness of the solution over other solutions on the market

  • The market (size and position of the market you are heading into)

  • Grip on the market (success so far showing “proof of concept”)

  • Timeline (guard so far and milestones ahead)

  • Income model 

  • Financing 

  • The team and contact information

All applications received will go before a special selection committee. The projects selected by the selection committee will be able to present their projects at the Siglufjörður Investor Festival to a hall full of investors, as well as participating in the festival itself. The teams selected will also receive training and guidance from specialists who ensure good preparation for the big day in Siglufjörður.

Training and participation in the festival is free of charge for entrepreneurs, but there is a requirement that the teams come to Siglufjörður themselves.

For further information, please contact Kolfinna, Norðanátt’s Project Manager via email: [email protected] or by phone: +354 6701111

Apply for nordanatt.is on the Investor Festival website

The application deadline is 31 January 2024.


Originally published on 4 December by Norðanátt.

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