🇮🇸 Diverse Marine and Hefring Marine form strategic alliance

By Arctic Business Journal - April 5, 2024

Diverse Marine is excited to announce a strategic partnership with Hefring Marine

Diverse Marine is excited to announce a strategic partnership with Hefring Marine, which will see the integration of an artificial intelligence marine solution as a standard feature in all new vessels built at its yard. This technology provides real-time decision support to the vessel master, enhancing operational efficiency, reducing fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, and improving passenger safety.

The system leverages both collected and real-time data on vessel movements, weather conditions, engine and propulsion performance, and the responses of both operator and vessel. It continuously predicts outcomes for the voyage and suggests optimal actions, including recommended vessel speeds, directly to the master. The guidance, which adjusts based on selected modes (eco or comfort), aims to maintain safe speeds with minimal passenger discomfort or achieve the most fuel and emission-efficient speeds.

Sensors integrated into Diverse Marine’s platforms monitor impacts and vibrations from the vessel’s movement through the water, providing real-time alerts to the master and shore-based teams if impact thresholds are exceeded. The system also displays up-to-the-minute weather and sea state information onboard. Future enhancements will include route guidance features, enabling the software to chart the most comfortable and fuel-efficient course based on real-time sea conditions.

For shore-based technical teams, the system offers comprehensive monitoring capabilities. They can track individual vessels and entire fleets in real time, displaying live locations and voyages on an interactive map. An overlay graph presents a range of data, including motion and turbine impact metrics, speed recommendations for safety, fuel consumption rates, weather and sea conditions, engine performance, and more, with second-by-second detail.

The strategic alliance grants exclusivity for new offshore wind crew transfer vessels constructed in the United Kingdom. Diverse Marine is dedicated to collaborating closely with Hefring Marine to advance the IMAS technology and its outputs, ensuring they are precisely tailored to the unique demands of this industry sector.

Ben Colman, Director of Diverse Marine, stated: “Our partnership with Hefring Marine originated through our connections with SAFE Boats in the USA. After discussions in both the UK and the USA, we shaped the system to meet Diverse Marine’s specific needs for the offshore wind crew transfer vessel sector. The software adapted to this new configuration effortlessly. Additionally, we managed to incorporate turbine approach impacts. With data now accessible on the shoreside dashboard, our technical and operational teams receive invaluable insights.”

Karl Birgir Björnsson, CEO and co-founder of Hefring Marine, is thrilled to announce its new partnership with Diverse Marine, a leader in the marine industry known for its expertise in offshore wind crew transfer vessels. He comments: “This collaboration is a testament to our shared commitment to revolutionising maritime operations through cutting-edge technology and innovation. Together with Diverse Marine, we aim to enhance the safety, efficiency, and performance of professional boat operations, setting a new benchmark for excellence in the sector. We are excited to combine our data-driven solutions with Diverse Marine’s specialised vessel capabilities to create a more sustainable and advanced future on the water.”


ABOUT: Diverse Marine work with some of the world’s leading naval architects to produce vessel designs for a constantly expanding range. These include crew transfer vessels, patrol, interdiction & military craft, pilot boats & rescue craft and a wide range of work boats, all constructed to the very highest standards of build quality and performance. Established in 2018 by Ben Colman, Matt Floyd & Matt Chessell, Diverse Marine offers a range of new build vessels, together with refit, repair and maintenance from it’s base at Medina Yard in Cowes, building on the marine heritage of the Isle of Wight. 

Originally published on 2 April by Hefring Marine.

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