🇮🇸 atNorth: Shortlist selection for edie Net-Zero awards

By Elías Thorsson - September 28, 2023

Press release from atNorth

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atNorth the leading Nordic colocation, high-performance computing, and artificial intelligence service provider, has announced today that its state-of-the-art data center in Sweden has been shortlisted in the ​Built Environment Project of the Year’ category at the edie Net Zero Awards.

This announcement follows atNorth’s recent recognition at The 2023 Energy Awards where it was shortlisted in the ​Physical Technology of the Year – Heating and Cooling’ category. Both award entries acknowledge the innovative design of atNorth’s SWE01 site, located in Stockholm Sweden.

Launched in 2022, the SWE01 data center was specifically designed to address the growing need for high performance infrastructure in the market. atNorth recognised the environmental and financial impact of cooling this type of infrastructure and designed the site with an overarching goal to focus on power efficiency, renewable capabilities, and intelligent data center operations from the outset. SWE01 includes world class heat capturing technologies that capture up to 85% of the excess heat generated in the site. This is then recycled through the local district heating supplier and has the potential to provide hot water and heating for up to 20,000 homes in the area.

The entry also showcased atNorth’s strategic alliance with CoolIT, a global leader in direct liquid cooling (DLC) solutions, that gave rise to a bespoke DLC system for their high-density servers which further enhanced the existing infrastructure cooling process. The alliance serves as a pioneering blueprint for data centers of the future.

Data centers sit in the midst of the two current global mega trends – digitalization and climate crisis”, says Fredrik Jansson, Chief Marketing, Strategy & Communications Officer, at atNorth. ​We are thrilled that our SWE01 data center has again been recognized for its ability to enable clients to achieve more compute in a highly sustainable way”.

atNorth has recently been included in Data Centre Magazine’s ​Top 100 Companies in Data Centre’. Additionally, the business is proud to have been recognized by several awarding bodies this year including; ​Data Centre Sustainability Project of the Year’ and​‘Data Center Cooling Innovation of the Year’ categories at the DCS Awards, ​Data Center Design & Build’ and the​‘Green Data Center of the Year’ categories at the Electrical Review and Data Center Review Excellence Awards, the ​Location Award’ at the Tech Capital Awards, the​‘Building of the Year’ and ​Energy Innovation’ categories at the National Sustainability Awards and the ​Physical Technology of the Year – Heating and Cooling’ category at the 2023 Energy Awards.

The edie Net Zero Awards aim to recognize and reward the individuals and organizations that are spearheading the transition towards a net-zero carbon economy. More information can be found at the edie Net Zero Awards website https://​event​.edie​.net/​n​e​tzero

Originally published on 28 September.