🇮🇸 🇬🇧 Controlant partners with World Courier to advance real-time monitoring in pharma logistics

April 13, 2023

Press release from Controlant

World Courier pharmaceutical transport cocoonControlant, whose platform tracks critical condition parameters for pharmaceutical and healthcare products, announced today that its solution would be deployed in all of World Courier’s multi-use packages, providing World Courier with increased real-time visibility into the precise location of shipments globally.

AmerisourceBergen’s World Courier is a global specialty logistics provider and this technology will enhance their ability to proactively monitor shipments, anticipate potential risks, and intervene, if needed, to ensure the secure and timely distribution of products. This further supports their customers’ need for transparency, risk management, efficiency, and resilience.

“This partnership is an important milestone in the industry,” says Hristo Petkov, Vice President of Partnerships at Controlant. “Real-time visibility is a game changer for global supply chains. Controlant and World Courier share a commitment to driving innovation in this field to address the growing need for visibility and transparency, utilizing data to drive improved services, and to ensure peace of mind and satisfaction for customers.”

“Advances in digital technology continue to unlock new ways to manage and monitor the shipment of pharmaceutical products,” says Simon Brinckmann, Senior Director of Business Excellence & Innovation at World Courier.

“Technology that provides reliable, real-time monitoring data is an increasingly important part of an effective logistics operation, particularly because the products we are handling today are more complex and sensitive. By adding Controlant’s technology to our packaging, we are creating a new standard for tracking in the pharmaceutical logistics industry and providing our customers with enhanced logistics support.”

This technology enables logistics providers to be more efficient and sustainable, improve asset utilization, optimize quality, and future-proof their operations; altogether creating greener supply chains and driving a sustainable mindset in logistics.

Petkov: “The collaboration is an important use case for Controlant’s value proposition of real-time visibility through digitalization, using software to generate insights, and platform solutions to achieve better business outcomes. It builds on capabilities that we have demonstrated in the past with companies including Pfizer, Roche, and Teva, and further opens opportunities for better transparency, better planning, and greater quality compliance in pharma logistics.”

Originally published on 13 April.

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