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April 12, 2023

Press release from Iceland Ocean Cluster

Seaweed is often seen as a healthy and sustainable ingredient, but for many people, the idea of tasting seaweeds can be a bit off-putting. That’s where Everleaf comes in. This UK-based company has created a range of alcohol-free drinks, including the Everleaf Marine that captures the essence of the sea while providing a delicious and refreshing taste.

The Iceland Ocean Cluster hosted “A Taste of Seaweed,” a tasting event showcasing Everleaf and their seaweed drink, as well as insights from scientists and entrepreneurs in the field of seaweeds. Here is what happened and what we learned.

The event kicked off with a presentation of the Iceland Ocean Cluster by Dr. Alexandra Leeper. Then, we heard from Þóra Valsdóttir, scientist at Matís, an Icelandic company that is exploring the future of seaweed in food and agriculture. She explained how seaweed can be used as a valuable source of protein and antioxidants. We also heard from Icelandic entrepreneurs from Resea Energy (formerly known as Eldey Aqua), who are using seaweed to make sustainable biofuels for shipping and aviation, followed by Dr. Ingólfur Bragi Gunnarsson from Running Tide, who explained how they grow seaweed to offset carbon using a multi pathway carbon removal process.

Finally, we discovered the taste of seaweed: Paul Mathew, the founder of Everleaf, prepared virgin cocktails with Everleaf Marine, an alcohol-free aperitif that blends Bergamot, Kelp, Dulse, and Sea Buckthorn to create a crisp and refreshing drink that truly captures the essence of the sea.

Overall, “A Taste of Seaweed” was a fascinating event that provided a glimpse into the future of seaweed uses. Everleaf’s alcohol-free seaweed drinks were a highlight, offering a delicious and refreshing taste, and providing a great alternative for those who prefer not to consume alcohol.


If you’re in Iceland, you can find Everleaf’s alcohol-free drinks at Cincin.is to try Everleaf Marine for yourself, and explore the many ways that seaweed is being used to create a more sustainable future.

Originally published on 11 April.

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