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Press release from Tusass

November 9, 2023

CEO of Tusass, Kristian Reinert Davidsen, has informed Tusass’ Board of Directors that he will step down as CEO of Tusass during the first quarter of 2024. Føroya Tele has offered him the position as CEO in the Faroe Islands, where he is from, and he has therefore chosen to move back, where he has a better balance between family and work life.

The Chairman of the Board of Directors is grateful for the great results and strong leadership
Ulrik Blidorf, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Tusass, thanks Kristian Reinert Davidsen very much for the great results and the strong leadership he has stood for, and emphasizes that
  • Thanks to strong leadership, Tusass, headed by Kristian Reinert Davidsens, has driven the development, and sped up the digitalization of Greenland. This year, the whole country will have the opportunity to get Flatrate Tusass internet, and Tusass offers much cheaper subscriptions to all of Greenland than in 2015, when Davidsen became CEO. At the same time, both 4G and 5G technology as well as submarine cable, radio chain and satellite connections have been expanded throughout the country, and this year we helped launch our first satellite into space.
Ulrik Blidorf’s personal comments about Kristian Reinert Davidsen are that
  • With a background as telecommunications engineer and experience as a businessman, it has been possible for Davidsen to drive this development, but it is also due to his being a humble person who is used to operating in a small community where respect and civic mindedness are of great importance. The board thanks Kristian and his family very much for coming to this country and for us having been on this journey together.
The CEO himself gives many thanks to Greenland
  • I am proud of all that we have achieved together and give much praise to all our colleagues in Tusass, just as the CEO thanks the Board of Directors very much for the excellent cooperation.
An era has come to an end, and there will also be great expectations for the future CEO of Tusass, for whom the Board of Directors is now initiating a recruitment process. In 2024, it will be announced who this will be and when a new director can take office.
  • Finally, the Chairman of the Board, Ulrik Blidorf, thanks Kristian Reinert Davidsen again for his great and persistent efforts.

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Originally published on 8 November by Tusass.

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