🇬🇱 New Subscriptions for Nanortalik, Paamiut, and Qaqortoq

September 4, 2023

Press release from Tuass

In 2022, Tusass announced that 5G had arrived in Greenland. Subsequently, we launched our first subscription associated with 5G technology – the 80/20 subscription – and later we introduced four more subscriptions.

Today, on September 4th, the five new subscriptions will now be available in Nanortalik, Paamiut, and Qaqortoq.
Our customers in these three cities will now have access to five new subscriptions:
  • 5/1 for 499 DKK
  • 10/2 for 599 DKK
  • 20/5 for 799 DKK
  • 40/10 for 899 DKK
  • 80/20/6 for 1,099 DKK
Internet 5 for Nanortalik and Paamiut is 60 Mbit, as these are radio chain towns with limited capacity. Tusass aims to launch these subscriptions in at least seven other cities in 2023.
Note: Currently, only 60-70% of Qaqortoq city has access to 5G connections, but efforts are underway to expand coverage. See if your address is suitable for the subscriptions here: https://www.tusass.gl/en/internet/private/ 


Originally published on 4 September.