🇬🇱 Air Greenland: International Cargospot products

March 5, 2024

Air Greenland has signed an important agreement with the international company CHAMP, which specialises in cargo handling systems. The agreement means a significant improvement in cargo operations that will connect us to the rest of the world in a more efficient way.

We live in a country that relies on air freight due to our geographical location on the world map, where we have large distances to the rest of the world. But with the new agreement with CHAMP, Air Greenland has gained access to Cargospot products. These include smart tools that will make it easier to organise and manage our freight to and from the outside world.

With Cargospot, Air Greenland will be better able to navigate freight in challenging areas and ensure that freight reaches destinations faster and more efficiently.

The Cargospot tools will also help us manage what goes where and ensure that the process of sending freight is made easier. In other words, Cargospot can be likened to a personal assistant, helping to organise everything while ensuring that our community is connected to the rest of the world.

As a new CHAMP customer, Air Greenland will be supported by the Cargospot suite, including Cargospot Airline, Cargospot Handling, Cargospot Mobile, Cargospot Revenue Accounting, Cargospot AirMail and Cargospot Portal. All of these products support the entire freight and mail management process from selling freight, handling, tracking and tracing and allow our customers to book their freight on our cargo portal.

By investing in CHAMP’s open and interconnected systems, we are strongly positioned to increase air cargo to and from Greenland, which is fully in line with Air Greenland’s modernisation and digitalisation strategy.

Originally published on 5 March by Air Greenland.

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