🇫🇮 The IN-PART platform enables the commercialization of research

Press release from Innovation Centre University of Oulu

November 7, 2023

The University of Oulu uses the IN-PART platform, which serves as a kind of showcase for the university’s research expertise.

The university can put descriptions on the platform about what kind of research or patents are being developed here. In this way, companies can find potential technologies for their own use. At the same time, IN-PART operates in such a way that the university can select companies that might be interested in the technology being developed here. In this case, the platform contacts the companies and offers the technology to them.

“In addition, the platform also works in reverse, so if companies have a search on or they have ongoing campaigns where they are looking for a certain kind of technology for their use, we get notifications about it and thus we can offer our technology to them,” says Petri Leukkunen, Customer Manager at the University of Oulu Innovation Centre.

When research is displayed on IN-PART, the platform also collects statistics on companies that have been interested in the research. This way, you can contact companies directly if necessary.

“We get to deal with the company directly and find out what they would like to know about the technology. In addition, we can collect essential information for sales, as we can ask why the company did not contact us. Was the technology still in too early stage and so on,” Leukkunen mentions.

Currently, the University of Oulu has eight technology descriptions on IN-PART. If researchers want to display their own research on the platform, they can contact the Innovation Centre. 

Originally published on 1 November by Innovation Centre University of Oulu.

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