🇫🇮 Screentec and PalmSens Join Forces for Wearable Impedance Measurement

November 17, 2023

Partnerships that bring together the best of two worlds can lead to groundbreaking advancements. Such is the case with the collaboration between Screentec and PalmSens, as they combined their expertise to create a joint demonstrator for impedance measurement.

Screentec, whose expertise lies in designing and manufacturing high-quality, comfortable, and durable electrodes and devices for medical monitoring and diagnostics has united forces with PalmSens. PalmSens is a global leader in development and manufacturing of portable and versatile electrochemical measurement instruments used for a wide range of applications, including laboratory research, Point-Of-Care applications, wearable applications and field testing in industries such as pharmaceuticals, continuous body monitoring, environmental monitoring, and materials science. This collaboration between Screentec and PalmSens takes a giant leap forward with the development of a wearable sensor that seamlessly integrates with PalmSens’ wearable potentiostat.

The Sensit Wearable with sensor

Our journey began with a vision and a commitment to innovation. We discussed the technical aspects, design considerations, and the potential impact of our joint venture. One of the primary goals of our collaboration was to create a wearable sensor capable of impedance measurement and integrating this feature into PalmSens Wearable Kit called The Sensit Wearable. With this kit the aim is to provide users with a comprehensive solution for real-time impedance measurements, all within the convenience of a wearable device. This compact yet powerful combination brings impedance measurement out of the lab, providing invaluable data for athletes, healthcare professionals, researchers, and individuals alike.

The Power of Impedance Measurement

Why impedance measurement, you may ask? Impedance measurement has long been a cornerstone in scientific and medical research. By measuring impedance – the resistance and reactance to electrical currents – we can gain invaluable insights into body composition, hydration levels, stress levels, and even environmental factors. The possibilities are basically limitless.

In the world of technology, collaboration is the driving force behind progress. This joint demo is just one example of what can be achieved when two visionary companies come together with a shared goal.

We are excited to share our latest innovation in the field of medical technology, and we will have the opportunity to showcase the impedance measurement demo at MEDICA fair in Düsseldorf next week. So, join us as we take the next step towards future, where impedance measurement is not just accessible, but also incredibly versatile and user-friendly.

The future is now, and we can’t wait to share it with you. See you at MEDICA!


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Ardy van den Berg, Business Developer, PalmSens BV

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Originally published on 10 November by Screentec.

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