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🇫🇮 ŌURA announces partnership with GOVX

July 3, 2024

Today, Oura announced our latest partnership with GOVX, an e-commerce platform that offers exclusive deals for first responders, nurses, military professionals, and other eligible government workers.

This partnership reflects our continued commitment to offering technology that inspires positive behaviors for long-lasting beneficial health outcomes.

Oura joins brands like Oakley, YETI, Crocs, NFL Tickets, and Vuori on the GOVX platform to offer useful discounts to individuals who deserve recognition for their hard work.

Special Offer for GOVX Members

On GOVX, Oura Ring is offering up to 25% off Horizon and Heritage styles of the Oura Ring for this incredible group of individuals who push themselves to extremes in their day-to-day activities to achieve great things.

Oura’s Continued Commitment to Support First Responders and the Military

In addition to this discount, we’re also sharing publicly much of our influential work with first responders and the military community.

For the past 5 years, Oura has been a research tool for the military community in a variety of ways, including helping the military manage fatigue on long-haul flights with the Air Force, supporting veteran Navy Seals to monitor the impacts of stress and PTSD, and working the Warrior Games to support former members of the military as they compete as part of their recovery journey.

Other projects include:

  • Sleep tracking solutions for sailors: Since 2020, we’ve been working with the Naval Health Research Center (NHRC) to evaluate sleep tracking solutions for US Navy sailors who face tough schedules in challenging environments. NHRC’s ultimate aim with this research is to optimize sailors’ schedules for maximum rest and recovery. A significant 69% of participating crew members wore the Oura Ring consistently during missions, demonstrating strong adoption and trust in our technology.
  • Infectious disease detection: Oura has been leading the charge on early detection of infectious diseases for frontline workers since 2020, starting with the Tempredict study at UCSF during the pandemic. We’ve also supported the Air Force and Defense Innovation Unit, showing that Oura biometrics can detect illness before symptoms appear, helping reduce the spread of illness and maintain critical operations.
  • Mental wellness support: Oura has been working with INVI Mindhealth to help veterans and first responders manage the aftereffects of their careers. Using Oura’s open API integration, INVI Mindhealth monitors key biometrics like sleep, activity, and HRV to support mental wellness and alert loved ones when support is needed.Additionally, Nodens Outdoors has been working with Oura Ring as a biometric measurement tool for soft veterans, special forces, and rangers as they use immersive outdoor therapy to manage and treat their PTSD. During the program, participants in the last two classes have seen their resting heart rate decreaseby an average of almost 7 beats and an increase in their HRV of 26 points.

In Their Words

“I flew F-16s for over 15 years, where I always flew with a wingman—someone who looked out for me in the cockpit. But what about outside the cockpit? For the past 4 years, Oura has been my wingman outside the cockpit. Through Oura, I’ve learned what works to get the best sleep I’ve had in decades. And I’ve learned that sleep plays a key role in how I’ll function during the day. In both the fighter and commercial aviation realm, we try to mitigate fatigue primarily through quantity and timing of sleep prior to the flight. Before Oura, I didn’t have an objective way to accurately measure sleep quality; now with Oura as my wingman, I’m able to optimize my sleep timing, quality and duration to minimize fatigue during a flight and ensure I’m as alert as possible for the duration of the flight.”

– Lieutenant Colonel (retired) Jeff “Mach” Schneider

Member Story: Marine Corps veteran Wade S. uses Oura to work on his mental health and resilience, and his training to prepare him for the Warrior Games.

How to Access This Discount 

To access the Oura discount on GOVX, follow these steps:

  1. Verify your eligibility: You qualify if you are currently serving or were honorably discharged from the Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marines, Navy, or National Guard. Additionally, federal, state, and local law enforcement officers, full-time or volunteer firefighters, and frontline emergency medical personnel are eligible. Military spouses and dependents (ages 18-24) and full-time employees at government agencies also qualify.
  2. Get your GOVX ID: When you join GOVX, you receive a GOVX ID. This ID allows you to securely verify your Military or First Responder status instantly across hundreds of partner websites. There’s no need to upload documents or share sensitive information. Simply log in with your GOVX ID, and GOVX handles the verification process on your behalf.
  3. Enjoy secure access: GOVX ID is trusted by over 7 million members and more than 2,000 brands. Your information remains secure, ensuring you can easily unlock earned discounts whenever you shop online.

Originally published on 1 July by Oura.

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