🇫🇮 New research consortium strengthens hydrogen communication in Finland with BotH2nia hydrogen network

September 18, 2023

Press release from BotH2nia

Both2nia - Etusivu

A research consortium led by the University of Oulu, which aims to achieve a fair hydrogen transfer, is boosting hydrogen research communication in Finland. Together with the BotH2nia hydrogen network, the consortium will start producing general-interest articles on hydrogen research, in addition to future research articles and conference presentations.

New research consortium strengthens hydrogen communication in Finland with BotH2nia hydrogen network
BotH2nia organises events where people from the hydrogen sector meet. Photo from BotH2nia goes Luleå event on 24.1.2023. Photo by Visa Noronen

As part of the project, many meetings and interviews will be organised with those whose lives will be affected in practice by the green transition. With BotH2nia, the consortium also organises regular events where researchers meet officials from municipal, regional and national governments. The Hydrogen Impact Forum, which meets four times a year, uses scientific findings to address issues raised by both the private and public sectors. The aim is to generate, develop and disseminate hydrogen best practice across the country.

Funding has been secured for a new communication effort. The Strategic Research Council (STN) of the Academy of Finland has allocated €27 million for research into a just green revolution. The STN awarded funding of almost €3 million to the JustH2Transit project, a small part of which will be used for new hydrogen communication.

The multidisciplinary consortium brings together the University of Oulu, the Natural Resources Institute of Finland (LUKE), the University of LUT and VTT. The project aims to lead the change in Finnish society related to the increasing use of hydrogen on the basis of researched knowledge.

The project will map the current situation of hydrogen transition in Finland and the related system-level bottlenecks. In parallel, the environmental, techno-economic and social impacts of hydrogen transition will be examined. The linkages of the hydrogen economy to the bio- and circular economy will be assessed from the perspectives of resource use and sufficiency. Answers and alternatives to these themes will be sought to strengthen our societies’ resilience, resilience and equity.

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Further information:

Marko Huttula, Director of the Just H2 Transit research consortium, Professor, University of Oulu

p. +358 40 056 6218

Originally published on 15 September.