🇫🇮 Mesalvo and Medanets partner to revolutionize hospital care with digital solutions

April 11, 2024

Mesalvo and Medanets partner to revolutionize hospital care with digital solutions

In a groundbreaking collaboration, Mesalvo and Medanets have joined forces to transform daily care work and advance digitalization in hospitals. By combining Mesalvo’s intelligent solution for clinical documentation and patient management with Medanets’ healthcare app, the companies aim to optimize processes and enhance patient safety.

Modern medication management: a digital approach

Healthcare professionals rely on Mesalvo’s medication and digital curve solution for prescriptions, administrative tasks, and orders. The integration with the Medanets app streamlines medication administration:

  1. Patient Identification: Using barcode scanning, the app identifies patients by their wristbands and medication sachets at the bedside.
  2. Immediate Information: Medication details are fetched directly from Mesalvo’s solution.
  3. Seamless Documentation: The app’s medication administration records seamlessly transfer to Mesalvo’s digital curve.
  4. Measurement Data: Healthcare professionals can input vital signs (e.g., blood pressure) directly into the app, which syncs with Mesalvo’s system.

This eliminates error-prone paper documentation, enhancing efficiency and accuracy.

Fast decision support in emergencies

The combination of Mesalvo’s digital chart and the Medanets app provides comprehensive patient data. Key features include:

  • Up-to-date medication check: barcode scanning ensures the right medication is administered to the right patient at the right time.
  • Early warning score (EWS): the app evaluates the patient’s condition. Based on the EWS result, clinical guidelines prompt appropriate actions (e.g., notifying the doctor).
  • Sepsis management: immediate measures can be initiated to prevent life-threatening complications.

Safe pharmacotherapy: closed-loop medication management

Mesalvo’s closed-loop medication process enhances safety:

Unit Dose Integration: connected unit or multi-dose dispensers’ package individual medications for each patient.

Automated medication management: this replaces manual processes, reducing errors and saving healthcare professionals’ time.

Bedside verification: scanning the medication sachet barcode ensures accurate administration.

The Mesalvo-Medanets partnership promotes effective collaboration, holistic patient care, and improved working conditions. Together, they revolutionize hospital care through digital innovation.

About Mesalvo GmbH

Mesalvo develops IT solutions and digitalises and networks all administrative and medical processes along the patient journey. This makes the work of medical and administrative staff easier and more effective, thereby increasing patient safety and quality of care. Mesalvo significantly contributes to improving quality and patient safety in the healthcare sector.

About Medanets
Medanets revolutionises healthcare with superior mobile solutions. Developed together with healthcare professionals, the app enables safe and efficient nursing workflows, supports decision-making, and leaves more time for care. The Medanets app integrates with EHR systems and complements their features.

Source: Medanets

Originally published on 8 April by Oulu Health.

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