🇫🇮 Mehdi Bennis receives two prestigious awards

Press release from 6G Flagship

December 18, 2023

Professor Mehdi Bennis has earned two prestigious awards, marking a milestone in communications technology. He received the Heinrich Hertz Award for Best Communications Letter for his pioneering work in blockchain-enhanced federated learning. Additionally, he secured the Award for Advances in Communication for his groundbreaking research on UAV and D2D communications.

Bennis’s research in blockchain-enhanced federated learning stands out in the communications field. This innovative work focuses on secure and efficient data processing. It plays a significant role in the development of modern communication systems. The Heinrich Hertz Award highlights the significance of his contributions to secure and distributed data processing, essential in today’s technology landscape.

His second accolade, the Award for Advances in Communication, stems from his impactful work with UAVs in device-to-device communications. This research is pivotal for enhancing wireless network capabilities. It’s key to the evolution of advanced communication infrastructures, especially in the burgeoning 6G technology sector.

These spotlight Bennis’s expertise and commitment to the field and showcase the University of Oulu’s leadership in communications technology research. Bennis’s achievements drive forward our understanding of communication systems. They highlight the importance of secure data processing and efficient wireless communications in the modern technological era.


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Originally published on 11 December by 6G Flagship.

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