๐Ÿ‡ซ๐Ÿ‡ฎ Meet Karin Engfors โ€“ Site Manager at NYAB

Press release from NYAB

December 13, 2023

Karin Engfors is site manager at NYAB and has been part of the company since 2016. She is motivated by the steep development ladder, both in her professional role and in terms of personality.

โ€œI think the combination of studies and practical industry experience is great and important, I have benefited greatly from bothโ€

Hi Karin, whatโ€™s the most fun thing about your job?

The most fun thing about my job is meeting people, being part of a team and creating good results together. In my role as site manager, I also have a leadership responsibility, which requires me to develop my leadership in order to drive my projects forward in a good way and results in me developing both knowledge-wise and personality-wise every day.

At NYAB, there is a strong entrepreneurial drive and the opportunity for each employee to shape their own role. New ideas and initiatives are encouraged and there is an opportunity for all employees to come up with suggestions for improvement, where my idea of an intranet for all employees is one of them. That idea was then taken further and today all employees have the NYAB app in our mobile phones, which facilitates our daily work.

You have combined professional experience with university studies, tell us more about that?

I am motivated by learning new things. After several years as a truck driver, I chose to start a two-year education at Luleรฅ University of Technology, Building and Construction. I think the combination of studies and practical experience is great and I have benefited greatly from both in my professional role. With my experience in the industry, I was also able to absorb the education in a good way while increasing the understanding of the theoretical parts.

What qualities are important to thrive at NYAB?

When I build my teams, I think the most important quality is a strong professional pride. It is a quality to be cherished, valued, and nurtured. Delivering a good product is not only important for NYAB as a player and brand, itโ€™s important for the whole of society because we are a major player in society.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

After several years in the land and water industry, I have gained a broad knowledge that I am happy to share. As we at NYAB continue to grow, the demand for cutting-edge skills also increases internally. I think water and sewage systems are super interesting and Iโ€™m happy to be part of the work to develop that area further.

Originally published on 20 November by NYAB.

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