🇫🇮 Materflow Oy and FAME: A Partnership Rooted in Engineering and Sustainable Practices

September 28, 2023

Press release from FAME

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The FAME ecosystem, which supports the growth of 3D printing in Finland, is now joined by Materflow Oy. Materflow’s approach is straightforward: understand the client’s needs, and then engineer a solution, even if it means venturing off the beaten path.

“We’re engineers at heart. When faced with a unique requirement, our first instinct isn’t to say ‘it can’t be done’, but rather ‘how can we make it work?’. This often leads us to modify existing machines, experiment with materials, or adjust parameters until we get it right,” explains the Timo Peltonen CEO of Materflow.

This problem-solving mindset has led Materflow to work on projects beyond Finland’s borders, indicating a recognition of their practical and tailored approach in the international arena.
Materflow’s commitment to solutions goes beyond the immediate task at hand; it extends to the broader impact on our planet. Recognizing the environmental implications of manufacturing, Materflow has taken a proactive stance by developing cost-effective climate-neutral/negative solutions for raw materials. This approach underscores their dedication to innovation while also highlighting their commitment to a sustainable future.

Eetu Holstein, Ecosystem Lead at FAME, notes, “Materflow brings a blend of engineering tenacity and environmental consciousness to the table. Their addition to FAME aligns well with our objectives.”

Founded in 2013, Materflow is one of the leading additive manufacturing and 3D printing technology service providers in the Nordics. In joining FAME, Materflow aims to share its engineering insights, learn from peers, and continue its commitment to sustainable and tailored 3D printing solutions.

Originally published on 28 September.