🇫🇮 Maire raises €450k in funding: The sibling-powered B2B technology company is transforming online demand into on-demand offering with predictive insights

May 3, 2024

Finnish online demand analytics startup is backed by Finland’s top investors such as Leena Niemistö, Tuomo Riekki & Tikura Ventures.

Maire is a cutting edge predictive analytics software founded in 2023 by three siblings with very different but complementary backgrounds in business, technology, and design. Their software brings online search data to their customers in a way that enables them to make smarter decisions about their product offering.

“We have been pleased to notice that with our tool we are influencing the very core of our customers’ business.” Says CEO Otso Laakkonen.

“Billion dollar B2C companies excel at analysing their historical sales figures. What they don’t see is the market demand beyond their existing offering. This means that missing product lines or categories are almost always a real mystery.

In addition, without market demand data it’s hard to validate if growth in a specific category is happening because of the company, or the market.” Continues CDO Varpu Laakkonen

This is where Maire comes in. With the tool, the customer uncovers the demand for the whole market, beyond their existing offering.

The oversubscribed funding round is used to further develop the predictive capabilities and expand internationally.

“Large B2C companies are planning their offering 12-24 months in advance and predicting demand ahead is a real issue. This is why we are betting heavily on predictive model development.” Says CTO Terho Laakkonen.

Maire’s funding round includes a well-known group of investors, such as Leena Niemistö, Tuomo Riekki, Korpun Siemen Oy, and Tikura Ventures.

“I was inspired by Maire’s agile business model, a scalable product that uses artificial intelligence, a clear customer need for a service like Maire’s, and the founding team of three siblings, which Otso has put together based on the skills and experience of his siblings.” Says Leena Niemistö.

To find out more about Maire, go and check out their website www.maire.ai

Originally published on 2 May by Maire.

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