🇫🇮 Ilmatar built 28% of Finland’s wind turbines in 2023 – the top of the list

January 10, 2024

The Finnish Wind Power Association (Suomen Tuulivoimayhdistys, STY) announced on 2 January that year 2023 was the second busiest year in history for wind power construction in Finland, measured by the number of turbines. Ilmatar built a whopping 28% of these wind turbines, or 59 turbines, for its ownership. The figure is by far the largest, with the next most efficient builder achieving 12% of the wind turbines. 

“Ilmatar demonstrated exceptional ability to build wind power in Finland. Naturally, global instability also affected our operations, but it did not prevent us from strengthening our position as an independent electricity producer. I am extremely proud of our achievements, which are exceptional in both Finnish and European scales. In 2024, we will continue to develop, build, and own solar power, wind power, and energy storage solutions in the Nordic countries, in line with our mission,” summarizes Juha-Pekka Weckström, CEO of Ilmatar.

In 2023, Ilmatar completed and brought into commercial production a total of seven renewable energy production facilities, six of which were wind farms. In 2024, Ilmatar has two wind farms under construction and plans to start building the next phase of the Alajärvi hybrid park, as well as several solar power plants. Renewable energy storage solutions are also being developed by Ilmatar’s top experts.

“We are developing our own hybrid parks that combine wind and solar production and energy storage solutions implemented in cooperation. We must not forget innovation cooperation, such as with Polar Night Energy in the field of sand batteries,” says Katja Koponen, Ilmatar’s development manager.

There are now 1,601 wind turbines in Finland that produce renewable electricity with nominal capacity of 6,946 megawatts (MW). STY predicts that 450 MW of new wind power will be built in Finland in 2024 and 2,000 MW in 2025.

Ilmatar has approximately 1 GW of renewable onshore wind and solar power in its portfolio, under construction, or ready for construction. According to the company’s strategy, the renewable energy plants built will remain in Ilmatar’s ownership throughout their entire life cycle. Ilmatar is also developing offshore wind power, energy storage, and Power-to-X solutions in Finland and Sweden.

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Originally published on 9 January by Ilmatar.

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