🇫🇮 Helena Kirsta joins Cerenion as UX designer

Press release from Cerenion

December 12, 2023

Helena Kirsta recently joined Cerenion’s growing team. With several years of experience in user experience-related research, she will help us to improve the user experience for our EEG analysis software, C-Trend®. Her addition to the team is a positive step towards user-centric design, which is at the heart of Cerenion’s products now and in the future.

Helena is a student of Human-Computer Interaction in the Aalto University and set to finish her Master’s next summer. She is fresh to the medical device sector but full of excitement and desire to learn. Helena is also eager to contribute to the usability of devices that have the potential to save lives and sees great importance in this work.

“Working in the medical industry seems very challenging, yet incredibly fulfilling, she says.

We are happy to have you in the team, Helena!

Originally published on 22 November by Cerenion.

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